Controversial Opinion – old guys dating 18-20 year old girls is alright

It’s alright for old people to date 18-20 year old girls

I don’t care that the law is on their side – as far as my argument is concerned, laws can be super arbitrary, so that’s not the argument.

I’m going to make two separate arguments
A. That the morality counter argument is dumb
B. It’s about the innate freedom he as a human being has to stick his prick wherever he wants

First – I’m going to argue with the presumption that morality is completely subjective and relative. In that case it’s only your opinion that what this man is doing is bad, and not fact. For thousands of years – since the dawn of human civilization girls 18 were married off to older men – men who had accrued wealth and power within their tribe. It was okay then because it benefited society, as a mutually free transaction and my next point will show why it’s okay now

Second – freedom, people should have the freedom to stick their genitals wherever they want – within the bounds of the law. An 18 year old is much hotter than a 30 year old or a 50 year old especially. Youth and physical beauty are more prevalent in the early years of life 18-30 for a woman so why would a guy who wants sex, not want that? I know, I know, “experiance”. But the thing is Experiance can be learned with practice, but what can’t be learned is a completely clean bill of health and no baggage (ie. Kids, relationship trauma)

It’s a good and positive thing, so old people go out there and help our country via education.

fanfic – The powerful avengers # 000 prologue

Thor displeases Odin early and thrown back in time to the 1930’s and gets taken in by the starks.

Without any powers he learns with Howard stark as a brother and due to his god level intelligence becomes even smarter than Howard was and at least on par with tony.

Due to his connection to stark he gets the super soldier serum which amplifies his power even more and a vibranum shield.

He succeeds in saving the world but uses his new intellect to come to the realization that he can just jump out of the airplane which he does and he’s found by Howard stark/some rescue workers clutching the tesseract.

Still without the knowledge of where his hammer is – he forms shield with Peggy to protect the humans. On a mission he gets captured by hydra and experimented upon and his right arm cut off. He’s given another hydra super serum and a vibranum arm

Tony’s parents are killed by Thor and he hates and wants to kill super Thor. He joins the airforce and works with Rhodes. He becomes the experiment of a program using gamma radiation. He gains hulk powers. He goes to hank pym to try and help him fix the hulk and gains antman powers.

Hawkeye is killed by bad Thor, and so agent Romanov wants revenge and goes to shield and joins the weapon x program and gains Scarlett witch powers.

Rhodes joins shields weapon x program after being passed over for tony in the airforce. He gains quicksilver powers.

Demi lovoto – I love me lyrics

“Flippin’ through all these magazines
Tellin’ me who I’m supposed to be”

I don’t understand why people read magazines in the first place? That sounds like your first mistake Demi. To me Its a total waste of time, and hell I get insecure – I deal with it myself. Just know everyone is insecure about something, even those people you’re “supposed to be” that live in magazines.

“Way too good at camouflage
Can’t see what I am, I just see what I’m not
I’m guilty ’bout everything that I eat (Every single day)
Feelin’ myself is a felony
Jedi level sabotage
Voices in my head make up my entourage”

I like this bar. She’s trying to change herself to be more like her idealized self. She’s trying to diet and feels guilty about eating bad. Demi, it’s okay to occasionally eat a bad meal or two; just make sure the majority of what you eat is healthy and nutritious and you’ll be okay.

“Cause I’m a black belt when I’m beating up on myself
But I’m an expert at giving love to somebody else”

I relate hard to this line. The issue is people are unbiased when assessing others when compared to themselves, it’s the reason people can tell when someone likes another person but not when someone likes them.

“why do I compare myself to everyone?
And I always got my finger on the self-destruct
I wonder when I love me is enough (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I wonder when I love me is enough (Yeah, yeah, yeah)”

I love me isn’t enough, that’s the issue. Our brain doesn’t process words the same way as actions. it’s better to show ourself love through self care, and self respect and putting ourselves first.

“Why am I always looking for a ride or die?
‘Cause mine’s the only heart I’m gonna have for life”

Because media portrays “the one” as something that will happen. There is no one. Nothing is meant to be. It’s on you to find a person who you enjoy being around and happen to click with and who feels the same way about you. Take initiative because your time is limited.

“After all the times I went and fucked it up
(All the times I went and fucked it up)”

Everyone fucks shit up. You were doing the best you could with the situation in life you had at that time.

“Haters that live on the internet (On the internet)
Live in my head, should be paying rent
I’m way to good at listening (Listening)
All these comments fucking up my energy (Energy)”

Ignore them. Don’t check social media. Tuneit out. Negative comments fuck up your psyche, so don’t listen to them.

“I’m my own worst critic
Talk a whole lot of shit”

Everyone has an inner critic. Just thank them for their advice and tell them you’ve got it from here. Simple.

“But I’m a ten out of ten
Even when I forget
I, I, I, I (I’m a ten out of ten, don’t you ever forget it)”

Getting a little pushy there Demi? Chill.

Overall I like the song, it’s good 7/10

Candy Shop Parody “Donut Shop”

So delicious,

I’ll take you to the donut shop
I’ll let you lick the icing off,
Go ‘head girl don’t you stop
Keep going ’til you hit the frost, (frosting),

take you to the donut shop (yeah)
Boy, one taste of what I got (uh-huh)
I’ll have you spending all you got (come on)
Keep going ’til you hit the frost (frosting), whoa

You can have it your way, how do you want it?
You want sprinkles on chocolate, or none up on it?
The dough is rising, okay, up to the next level
Doughnut is jam packed, and hot as a tea kettle,

I’ll break it down for you now, baby nice and simple
You eat a donut hole , I’ll eat a donut hole,
In the hotel, or in the back of the rental
On the beach or in the park, it’s wherever you want to,

I’ve got the cinnamon stick, I’m the treat doctor
I ain’t finished teaching you ’bout the donuts I got ya,
Wanna show me how you eat it baby? No problem, start on top,
Then chomp your teeth on down, it’s open and shut, I’m aseasoned vet when it come to this shit,
After you work up a sweat you can eat a bit,
I’m trying to explain, the best way I can
donuts melt on your mouth, and stickify your hands,


I’ll take you to the donut shop
I’ll let you lick the icing off,
Go ‘head girl don’t you stop
Keep going ’til you hit the frost, (frosting),

take you to the donut shop (yeah)
Boy, one taste of what I got (uh-huh)
I’ll have you spending all you got (come on)
Keep going ’til you hit the frost (frosting), whoa

what we eat, what we eat
And where we eat, and where we eat
The donuts we eat, donuts we eat
Are just between you and me, yeah, oh yeah

Feed it to me baby, nice and slow
Lay my head back to eat some mo,
There ain’t never been a donut like this before
‘Cause I ain’t never made one like this before,

soon as I come through the door, her eyes light up bigger
She knows it’s a race who could eat donuts quicker
Isn’t it ironic how mouth watering it is to watch the box,
Had me thinking ’bout the taste even after they gone,

Lick the icing at the right time
Lights on or off, a good taste all the time,
So sweet but to share it I don’t mind,
because She chews in slow motion all the time,

Long as she ain’t stopping, homie I ain’t stopping
Dripping with some sugar, man it’s on and popping
On my donut campaign, donut after donut, it’s on
And we gon’ eat ’til every donut box is gone

I’ll take you to the donut shop
I’ll let you lick the icing off,
Go ‘head girl don’t you stop
Keep going ’til you hit the frost, (frosting),

take you to the donut shop (yeah)
Boy, one taste of what I got (uh-huh)
I’ll have you spending all you got (come on)
Keep going ’til you hit the frost (frosting), whoa

Breaking News!!! Justin Bieber’s “intentions” Is a lot deeper than we thought

I have a theory after reading the lyrics that Justin Bieber’s intentions is complex. On the surface it may sound like a crappy love song to his wife, but actually he’s cheating on her – it’s in reality about his love for a velociraptor – let’s break it down.

“Picture-perfect, you don’t need no filter
Gorgeous, make ’em drop dead, you a killer”

Velociraptors make their enemies literally drop dead, and he called this one a killer, and when he says picture perfect he’s referring to a Picture perfect kill.

“Shower you with all my attention
Yeah, these are my only intentions”

He’s giving the raptor all of his attention so he can use it to take over the world Jurassic world military guy style.

“Stay in the kitchen, cooking up, cut your own bread
Heart full of equity, you’re an asset”

This is where he keeps his raptor!!! He’s trained it to help him cook bread, and the raptor uses her claws to cut the aforementioned bread. This is why she’s an asset.

“Make sure that you don’t need no mentions”

He’s trying to keep his velociraptor love quiet, so he doesn’t get divorced, and so the dumb peasants don’t want raptors for themselves

”Sout to your mom and dad for making you, they did a great job raising you.”

So she’s a fully grown raptor, good context

“When I create, you’re my muse
The kind of smile that makes the news”

He’s trying to tell us that she has a razor sharp toothy smile

“Can’t nobody throw shade on your name in these streets. Triple threat, you a boss, you a bae, you a beast”

Nobody would want to throw shade on a raptor, because they don’t want to die. Also he literally said a beast, that definitely means a raptor

“You make it easy to choose
You got a mean touch I can’t refuse (no, I can’t refuse it)”

I think he’s being held hostage, if he doesn’t love her she’ll kill him with her mean touch aka. Claws, so he chooses to stay to not die aka. An easy choice. Someone send him help!!!

“Already passed, you don’t need no approval
Good everywhere, don’t worry ’bout no refusal”

Nobody would refuse a raptor so she could go anywhere she wants. Just think if a raptor showed up to a strip club do you think a bouncer would say no? That’s right he’d be too busy running away screaming

“Second to none, you got the upper hand now
Don’t need a sponsor, no, you’re the brand now”

She’s the brand what does that mean?

“my rock, my Colorado”

Colorado is a state not a rock this may break the theory but

“Got that ring, just like Toronto”

What’s Toronto’s logo? A velociraptor?!?!?! this confirms it definitely. It all makes sense now! Justin Bieber is married to a velociraptor, how she’s a rock, because dinosaurs are buried under rocks now, she’s got the upper hand because she can eat you, she’s the brand or logo of an nba team.

“Love you now, a little more tomorrow
That’s how I feel
Act like you know”

So she’s an insecure velociraptor, I guess she’s worried he’ll replace her with a T-Rex as I’ve heard he’s into bigger girls

See I told you totally a raptor he’s hiding

A cheap and healthy diet for you frugal people

Long ago I made what I consider to be the perfect diet, but it was pricey – around $80 a week, I’m going to cut that down while still staying healthy – let’s get into it:

1. 6lbs of pinto beans per week $5; 12 oz per day, this may seem like a lot and it is, but you’re going to split it into two meals a breakfast at 8 am and a dinner at 8 Pm. It’s going to be combined with

2. 6 lbs of brown rice per week $5; 12 oz per day, again divide it up into two meals – breakfast and dinner

3. Wheat flour tortillas $6 for 14; use 2 per day, we’re making turkey tacos as the staple of this diet so we need the two aforementioned beans and rice and next

4. Walmart spring and organic mix 5 lbs $6; use a quarter pound for breakfast and a quarter for dinner to put on your turkey tacos, you’ll also need

5. Ground turkey 2.5 lbs for for $10 you’ll need to divide this up into 14 portions – 1 for each turkey taco morning and night per week

6. Baked sweet potato ($4 for 7) – take this with you for lunch, it’ll be a good meal

7. With it you’ll need a ($6 a week) gallon of water per day to drink at work

8. Also drink a quart of milk ($3 a week) per day

9. To wash down your half a jar of PB ($5 a week)

That’s everything

$50 and that’s not even calculating the savings if you buy in bulk to fill all of your caloric needs sounds pretty good.