Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Pt. 5

1. Seven phrases that show you lack confidence – a. Just (blank); b. I was wondering… c. Is this guy bothering you? Instead compliment other person d. Uh, um, like, ya know etc. e. I’m sorry, but f. You probably don’t remember, care etc. f. Instead of saying someone is making you do something, say I’m going to do blank, remember you control your life.

2. Be nice without being a pushover – a. Direct compliment, be specific, compliment an attribute, a choice or a decision, but use this sparingly; b. push/pull compliment, or vice versa; c. Absurd compliments, over the top; d. Self-deprecation but rare and only when leading a convo; e. Teasing, okay on topics where the other person is strong, not okay on something they struggle with; f. If someone teases you and you don’t like it first ignore, then use sarcasm, then some situational humor can be a powerful tool

3. Russell brand – use the push/pull method. Give them a compliment, then make a joke or tease them to deflate the intensity of the joke; be deliberate in your delivery – really mean it; use technique early in an interaction.

4. 7 things to remember – a. If you hear something constantly it’s probably true; b. 90% of negotiation is in starting it; c. Scarcity is a sales tactic; d. Arguing over life philosophies isn’t worth it, okay to share but agree to disagree and focus on your results; e. Experiance trumps book smarts; f. Lie of omission is a real thing, don’t do it; g. Growth comes when you do the opposite of what you’ve done before

5. How to be witty – a. Out of context analysis – applying a different context to something ie: someone is cutting weeds, they’re really collecting weeds to create stock for their weed empire. b. specificity- add as many details as possible c. Double down on jokes, agree and amplify.

6. Why you don’t feel good enough – a. Remember that love means the other person is happy; b. Remember life is hard; c. Accept and love yourself unconditionally; d. Negative emotions are habits; e. Daily tell yourself you accept you as you are; f. Extend love to the person you least want to; empathize with them, they’re still a human being

7. How to be alone – a. You can be in public and be lonely, the only antidote is through connection; b. Take some time to treat yourself

8. Shy to confident – a. Grab attention with a hook, use high impact words/phrases ex: insane story, let me tell you why; repeat yourself until you speak; enter the conversation louder and quiet down; vary pitch and speed; b. Share the spotlight, try to include others, give recognition, give compliment, ask questions, friendly touch ie: high five; c. Fully commit to act, it’s okay to look dumb on occasion

9. How to flirt for introverts – a. Do things you’re interested in, go to those places, if you do something already just do it in public; b. Share your interests; c. Ask open ended questions; d. If they elaborate on a thought, try to empathize with it; e. Get into one on one convo, and focus on it; f. Ask them out – stop them “hey”, acknowledge the social situation “I know we work together”, say what you think “I enjoy talking to you”, say what you want “I want to go out and grab drinks with you.” Make sure you use statements over questions, you’re sharing your opinion, and coming across more confident.

10. How to not give a fuck – a. Be in your own corner, live your own life, don’t try and convince others; b. Care about specific things, ex: knowledge, value and improvement and not thinking about the rest; pick a goal and everything else is secondary

Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 4

5 ways to be funnier – a. Take go to stores and if they get a laugh/good reaction use them again; b. Acts out characters – use body to play characters; use body, and voice change; c. Use self-deprication – has to be obviously false; d. Jokes that elevate others – genuine, exaggerate it to hell; e. Doubles down on others jokes.

2. How to kill presentations – a. Memory friendly aka chunks (phone number memories); b. Find details then cut unnecessary ones; c. Memorize details not words; d. Memorize hook and last sentence word for word

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger – a. doing silly things sometimes; b. Cause people to laugh; c. Tease others; d. Have a positive attitude; e. Lucky to get to do things

4. Who to take advice from – a. People who are living the life you want in a specific field; b. look at the person – you can see where their advice has taken them; c. see if it’s possible to test their results.

5. charisma weakness mindset – a. Visualization includes the work to reach the goal, fantasy is just the goal, focus on visualization; b. Internal locus of control Focused environment, advocate things you can change; c. Emotional outlet – journaling, writing, therapy, ie: things to release emotion; d. Be honest with self about emotional state/what you’re feeling, don’t lie about emotional state, change how you’re feeling e. Use empathy, try to see from their perspective; f. Create support network, friends, colleagues and significant other.

6. Donald trump Pt. 2 a. Set self apart from others, play a specific role that’s different; b. Brand people how they don’t want to be seen ex: lying ted Cruze; c. Insist you will win, you’ve got this, or better yet we’ll win and we’ve got this; d. Win one audience at a time, focus on winning one battle/one person at at time; e. Remove threats one at a time, take out one argument at a time, one opponent at a time; f. Alliteration/rhymes stick in brain, ex: coca-cola is memorable

7. The happiness paradox – a. focusing on the Stuff at the bottom of the happiness ladder ex: things and places makes you less happy than the things at the top like self development; b. Experiance – sometimes becomes a crutch on social media, it becomes about branding yourself: experiance should be to grow and make friends and learn, so if you go somewhere don’t post it; c. Growth – focus on improving/self development; d. Connect/contribute – focus on your purpose in life, look to connect with others; give back to the world; e. Focus on what you do have, not what you don’t;

8. Bill Clinton – a. Close distance between yourself and others when going to speak; b. Focus on other person while speaking, give strong eye contact especially during main points; c. Narrow eye contact – more genuine and masculine, lower brows; d. Shift weight before leaving, basically turn body

9. Vocal Charisma – a. Speak slow and breath deep before speaking; b. Alter the speed, tone, breathiness, volume; the general rule is slower and deeper to be more charismatic but you need some variation to keep attention, so enter the conversation louder, higher and quicker and then trail off to a low tone with every sentence.

10. Robin Williams – a. Commits to character with everything; b. Specificity

I dislike how mothers: pregnant women and single mothers are put on a pedastal

First: People call for mandatory maternity leave for single mothers and this is dumb. This woman is being rewarded because she made the voluntary choice to let some random guy shoot his load into her, without the numerous forms of contraceptive – condoms/or the many forms of female birth control available to her, and again chose to not take the abortion route and she is being rewarded out of our tax dollars. I believe the responsibility to raise a child should fall solely on the shoulders of the individual, and if she can’t afford it, there’s plenty or resources to prevent it/terminate it.

Of course there’s fucked up situations such as rape and incest, which is why there’s birth control/abortions.

Of course there’s also some of those people that will make the moral argument – that contraception is sinful; well so is having sex before marriage, but that didn’t seem to stop you then, so why does it suddenly stop you now?

Second: you see these women, who decided to get knocked up by some random dude at two in the morning in a Denny’s restroom, getting all kinds of free perks, faster trips in line, discounts etc. For something she CHOSE to do. This is not only unfair to the men out there, but also to other women who don’t get that perk.

Of course there’s people out there that will argue mothers breastfeeding can be treated poorly at the table, and I understand you’ve got to feed your kid, but I don’t want to see that either, so there are numerous avenues that you can take to show consideration to the other people.

Third: Everyone seems to give praise/sympathy to single mothers out there, about how they are so strong to raise a kid by themselves; a. They chose to have the kid in the first place by not choosing any kind of contraception, and yet they’re praised, while they put themselves in a fucked up situation to begin with. It’d be like if you decided one random night to chop off your leg because you were in the mood to, then got a replacement, and were praised for overcoming a disability – no you did it to yourself.

Of course there are assholes out there, if your dudes abusive fucking leave his ass, that’s not who I’m addressing. I’m addressing the majority of girls who have sex with some random dude they don’t know and choose to have his kid, and get these fucking sympathy flowers. It’s gross.

Fourth: motherhood is an easy job, don’t try to tell me otherwise. What you sit around all day and watch fucking Elmo and occasionally give your kid food, switch the channel, change a diaper, or take your kid out. It’s basically like having a slightly more complex dog, the only difference is dog sitters aren’t heralded as someone who does god’s work by everyone and anyone.

Of course that doesn’t make it an easy job, but hell I’d rather work construction, or factory or numerous other jobs where the fatality rate is higher. I’d rather do accounting, or law or numerous other jobs where the mental strain is higher. I’d rather do therapy or hell even daycare is tougher as there’s more kids to manage, you’re just managing one.

Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 3

1. How to impress someone – Empathize with them; ask about their passions, ask what their best and worst experience in doing something is, ask about their frustrations, best highlights and worst lowlights of something; Answer questions playfully; make sure to let your opinion be known but highlight where you agree and only then disagree.

2. Jokes that are good for everyone – Jokes about the situation, Self deprication but only from a position of strength, poking fun at something they can control that they won’t get upset about, don’t joke about what they suck at, Jokes to boost ego, Don’t make jokes with a loser; Play fun physical games; Express yourself with your body.

3. Friendship Sabotages – a. Lack of integrity, so follow through, do what you say and say what you do, either do what you promise or don’t make the promise; b. Manipulating guilt, don’t guilt others and don’t hang out with people that guilt you; c. Inconsiderate, ask self if you’ve done something kind for them, and do something kind daily; d. Values shift, share with friends likes and dislikes, be extremely venerable with friends

4. Spotting a liar – a. Blocking/pacifying behavior; b. “Duping-Delight” they’re trying to suppress a body language tick, namely a smile or laugh; c. They’ll redirect a legit question/dodge it, they’ll add a lot of qualifiers; d. Ask them follow up questions: did you do (blank)? e. They change the order of the story

5. How to never be boring – a. Use a story gap, basically in a tv show when it starts at the climax and goes back in time to earlier before that happened, so that way the audience is hooked; b. Play characters – use gestures and voices like an actor; c. Vocal dynamics – Go from loud to soft, deep to light and enter a conversation higher, then level off; d. Include everyone, eye contact for 4 seconds, use peoples names as much as humanly possible

6. Rick Sanchez – He’s highly competent in a lot of fields, Funny because he’s super honest and specific, He has no fear of confrontation, he protects loved ones/those in his group; Make sure to find an outlet for bad emotions; Share your own struggles from a confident place, remember what’s done is done and have a laugh about it

7. Trump # 1 – uses the phrase “some have said (blank)” allows you to address a group without alienating people; use the double bind in ex: (blank) isn’t a good listener, he wants to ignore the truth; it puts opponents in a no win scenario, if they listen they agree that you’re speaking truth, if they disagree then they aren’t a good listener, this is good in debate settings; he also says a lot of things about his opponents in 3rd person, this dehumanizes his opponents

Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Pt. 2

1. How to succeed more often – realize self sabotage is a defense mechanism to keep you comfortable, and all people do it; figure out what your limiting beliefs are, or beliefs that you’re misinformed about

2. Jimmy Fallen – have lots of interests, but don’t reveal everything you’re talented in, keep the focus on the other person. Allow yourself to laugh at yourself and others, but don’t force it. Reward yourself and celebrate the little things.

3. How to build trust – listen attentively, non-judgementally and with empathy; mirror them, in speech and body language.

4. Trump v. Clinton – use specific examples/numbers to prove your point, but realize that specificity doesn’t necessarily equal truth; if you don’t like a question give a brief answer then redirect; use questions as springboards; people judge a winner by the level of conviction; use emotionally gripping stories; use we and you a lot to include groups

5. Stopping negative self talk – treat yourself how you would a best friend, don’t beat yourself up; use another persons voice when you think, ex: think as if will smith was talking to you; if in a negative mindset, give a minute to dwell then come up with solutions

6. Be happier in life – create space for the problem to think about it, ex: journal and meditation; imagine the worst possible outcome and realize it’s not all that bad; remind self this won’t matter in 10, 20 or 100 years

7. Become exceptional – reframe in a positive direction, ex: you lose your job you get a chance to develop self, or can look for a better one; focus on what you can control, take responsibility; don’t get caught up in vanity metrics ex: likes on IG; focus on improvement not results; make it about adding value to others lives;

8. Stop caring about what others think – value own opinion; focus on your own values; take responsibility for things outside your control

9. 3 tricks to beat procrastination – set concrete daily/weekly deadlines;set daily habits of only for 5 minutes; reward yourself when you complete something; pick specific goals ex: do 100 push-ups a day over general desires ex: workout

10. 5 types of charisma – a. Authentic Type: Completely honest, but make sure to not be too blunt b. Self-Assured Type: High Conviction, uses visualization but make sure to not overlook weakness’ c. Empathetic Type: Connects, is non-judgemental and asks questions but can be too quiet d. Energetic type: raises energy level but can lack depth e: funny type: is funny but can be lonely

Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 1

I’ve been watching charisma on command on YouTube for years now, and I’ve learned as much as I can. Charlie has quite literally changed my life. The content on his channel could fill an entire novel or more, however I’m going to attempt to place all the information here: in this one concise guide, so that you may use the information to improve yourself.

1. Be aware of and accept your flaws – self reflection is a good thing, it allows you to improve and be better.

2. Only do the things that you enjoy – are there still things you have to do that you don’t want to like taxes? Sure, but your ultimate goal should always be to enjoy what you’re doing, and you do that by doing things you like. That doesn’t mean never try new things, on the contrary, try as much as possible at least twice, but regularly do things you enjoy doing.

3. Win over powerful people – notice who is literally followed, who is listened to, and who is asked questions of and befriend them. Remove those that resist your goals and remove their ability to do so. Minimize communication between subordinates – use role call, spot checks and territorial boundaries. Reward powerful people if they support you.

4. How to stay motivated – Rely on willpower, not motivation. Set a daily routine and stick to it. Take cold showers. Don’t overwhelm yourself with temptation. Automate meaningless decisions, if it’s a choice between A. And B. Just pick the first choice. Change environment to increase willpower ex: bring a gallon of water to work. Set specific attainable goals. Set reminders to help you out: alarms, friends etc.

5. How to remain confident and not become arrogant – confidence is based on what you have the ability to do learned through past performance, and it’s calm. Be clear on your values and hold everyone to them ex: we’re all people and equal. Praise others, give props for a successful action they’ve done. Only give opinions about things you have success doing/are an expert in. Judge others based on actions, and work to improve your own skills.

6. Ending a conversation – interrupt and interject ex: hey, listen etc. Say what you’re going to do ex: I’m going to leave to do (blank), say the kindest true thing ex: I enjoyed talking to you, end on a positive statement: I hope you have a good day, accept their opinion, if they’re mad that’s not your problem.

7. Pewdiepie – During the beginning of an interaction capture attention with strong emotion, movement, expression or contrast; use callback humor with friends, double down on friends jokes.

8. Instagram/social media is bad – it’s fake, avoid it, stop posting on phone instead try from a computer, if you use it then only share and don’t consume, likes don’t define you they’re only a business metric and a button.

9. 3 ways to increase likeability – Give attention and praise to others especially those less fortunate or who aren’t included in the conversation. Use touch to lead the interaction and commit to it. Ignore negative emotion and allow yourself to feel positive emotion but don’t force it.

10. Leadership Genius – Take up neutral space, and invade the space of others; strong eye contact during important points; call out others for bad behavior/dominant behavior; make rules clear and punish rule breakers; positive reinforce those that accept rules; Nicknames for others; Mirror others actions and especially words; ask self if what I’m doing is right?

11. Show extreme confidence – self amusement mindset: how can I enjoy myself? Put yourself in a position to fail, give self hardest challenges. Go all in on what you’re doing, commit to it and stay present and expect people to watch. Don’t use sarcasm unless you use an over the top tell like an eye roll.

12. Facts beat feelings – Honesty is the most Important thing, it’s more important than even your own principals. If you generalize about other people you’re projecting, so re-evaluate.

13. Dating mistakes – don’t contact person daily: fill your time with productive hobbies and habits. Don’t change schedule for them: set plans, stick to them and invite other person to plans.

Truth Hurts – Lyric Breakdown

“Why men great ’til they gotta be great?”

Dudes are just assholes, that’s just the way it’s gotta be

“I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch
Even when I’m crying crazy”

Anyone else hate how this song has every chick putting that on their tinder bios… just me… okay.

“Yeah, I got boy problems, that’s the human in me
Bling bling, then I solve ’em, that’s the goddess in me”

So you just kill those boys who give you problems? Yeah that does sound like a goddess.

“You coulda had a bad bitch, non-committal
Help you with your career just a little”

She knows what’s up, that dude definitely fucked up, a non-committal chick is where it’s at

”You’re ‘posed to hold me down, but you’re holding me back
And that’s the sound of me not calling you back.”

Damn, do your thing girl, that’s straight savage.

“Why are men great ’til they gotta be great?
Don’t text me, tell it straight to my face”

Alright, I get it, have some balls – good advice

“Best friend sat me down in the salon chair
Shampoo press, get you out of my hair”

I like that line, good pun

“Fresh photos with the bomb lighting
New man on the Minnesota Vikings
Truth hurts, needed something more exciting
Bom bom bi dom bi dum bum bay”

What, Kirk cousins or something? You like that?

“He tried to break my heart?
Oh, that breaks my heart
That you thought you ever had it
No, you ain’t from the start”

Yeah, fuck that dude. This song reminds me of that cee lo Green song, fuck you, any of y’all remember that??? Just me… okay.

“Hey, I’m glad you’re back with your bitch
I mean who would wanna hide this?
I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be your side chick”

Lmfao, at least he was ballsy enough to ask.

”I put the sing in single
Ain’t worried ’bout a ring on my finger
So you can tell your friend, “shoot your shot” when you see ’em
It’s OK, he already in my DMs“

Damn, I don’t know if you know this, but that’s not gonna make your ex jealous. I once knew a chick who got mad at her ex who cheated on her so she fucked his cousin, she still took back her ex, so girl this isn’t going to end how you think.

“I’ma hit you back in a minute
I don’t play tag, bitch, I been it”

Good line

“We don’t fuck with lies, we don’t do goodbyes
We just keep it pushing like aye yi yi”

Push it real good, anyone remember that song by salt and pepper? No… just me? Okay…

Truth hurts, this song is good, 4 truths outta 5

Ride it – lyric breakdown

This song is fucking annoying and I hate it Everytime it comes on. It sounds like a whiny fucking incel who can’t get laid getting to fuck a chick for the first time and probably last time, the dude is pathetic.

“It’s been about a month and twenty days
And were going ’round and ’round playing silly games”

Damn that girl has got your balls locked up good, lmfao. The rule is sex in 3 dates or less my guy, if she don’t then bounce, because she sees you as a long term provider type, which isn’t a position you wanna be in.

“Now your saying, slow it down, not right now
Then you wink at me and walk away”

She’s a tease bro, just cut contact – if you don’t you’re just wasting time, she knows exactly what she’s doing – she’s testing you for weakness, be strong, especially now that you’ve got a hit song – bang other chicks.

“Now let it be, let it be, let it be known
Hold on, don’t go
Touching and teasing me, telling me no
But this time I need to feel you’re are all alone”

This dudes pitiful as fuck, tell her to fuck off for wasting your time my guy.

(Ride it) just loose control
(Ride it, ride it) come touch my soul
(Ride it, ride it) baby let me feel you
(Ride it) turn the lights down low
(Ride it) from head to toe
(Ride it, ride it) touch my soul
(Ride it, ride it) let me feel you

She ain’t riding nothing, you sound like a whiny pussy making this fucking song and you’re giving her free attention out the ass, get ahold of yourself man.

“was the club on Saturday
Your acting like a diva saying you don’t wanna pay”

Bro, typically chicks don’t wanna pay but you’re right that’s that female entitlement mentality, don’t be the dude that pays for all of her shit, stick up for yourself

“It’s gotta be your feisty style
Raised that brow
I love it when you look at me that way”

Lmfao, this chick is checking your ass for not paying – there’s no way she’s not banging other dudes while making you wait, she’s masculine as fuck with you because you’re acting like a fucking pussy, and you gave in and paid

“Now when you order a Mohita at the bar
Reapplying lippy ’cause it came off from the glass”

Why don’t you worry less about the glass and more about the ass?

”The DJ plays your favorite song
Kanyes on”

That’s probably the other dude she’s banging, he’s at least a fucking man and not a pussy.

“Now your beckoning me to dance
Mm, pulling me, pulling me, pulling me close“

She’s leading the interaction, I guess this dude is into some femdom type shit

“You close your eyes girl
Whispering, telling me we gotta go
Won’t you take me home I wanna go”

Don’t worry, she’s got the strapon for you man

“Everything was right until her phone began to ring
She takes it to the corner, that’s when I start wondering”

You sound like a female wondering what her man is talking about on the phone, it’s a submissive ass frame of mind, stop it

“I can hear her shouting, banging her fist against the door
Yelling “Yo, it’s over, I can’t take it anymore”

Right, that happens, obviously that dude was acting like a pussy so she wanted a real man, it happens; she’ll do the same thing later

“Then I walk away, and acting I want to go chill
I ain’t trying to get caught up in a mess for real”

Smart, just pullback good job

“But she came around and backed me up against the wall
She said I know you heard, but I’ll make you forget it all”

Alright, so you got some chick to fuck you on the rebound, enjoy it like it lasts hotshot. Like I said before she was messing around with some better dude and made you wait – you were one of her spare tires and trust me she has others, you just happened to be the closest one when she got mad at her main dude for some reason. She’s going to be back with him before the months over, or if not she’ll be with a real fucking man who doesn’t let bitches make him wait for sex. Pathetic 0/5

Top 15 most powerful characters in the MCU without infinity stones – The Correct Guide

So who are the most powerful beings in the MCU? It’s hard to pin down, but I’m going to try my best. This list will take away all infinity stones, except from one character in particular as they give an incomprehensible edge. There’s a lot of characters to go through so let’s get started –

15. Vision – The one character that gets to keep an infinity stone as its integral to his character, without it he’s unable to exist. His powers include: phasing, a laser blast, a body made of vibranium and computer control abilities. He also has access to the mindstone, which has the ability to control peoples actions, and can make people smarter although he was never shown using the former ability on say Thanos, he was super intelligent, so perhaps he used the later. The mind stone was super underpowered in the series which is a shame. His feats are weak and almost non-existant and aren’t worth mentioning.

14. Hulk – I’m talking about ragnarock hulk, as no other version can compare in sheer strength. He has some wicked feats, including dealing more damage than iron man to thanos in the beginning of infinity war, going to to toe with a pre-awakened Thor in ragnarock defeating the god of deaths dog in ragnarock and dealing some damage to surtur in ragnarock. He destroyed Loki and his army in the battle of New York, the same with ultron. No character on this list was a match with him besides iron mans hulk buster armor until thor in ragnarock, and he held his ground for some time against stronger beings higher on this list. I wish he was treated better in endgame, but nevertheless.

13. Iron Man – I mean avengers endgame iron man, where he was the strongest. He’d made quite a few notable improvements to his armor by that point – most notably the energy shield, and given a do-over of his fight on titan that alone would’ve made a world of difference in him not getting stabbed. He defeated multiple of thanos’ minions, the Incredible Hulk, and pre-hammer captain America. A great character.

12. Captain America – without the power of Thor’s hammer he wouldn’t be on this list, but with it he’s a much stronger version of pre-ragnarock Thor – due to his combat skill, and his shield especially. He would have the exact same feats as that pre-ragnarock Thor except for one thing, he could’ve beaten tony by himself due to the Thor power added and hulk by himself as Thor nearly did it in 2012. He’d be stronger than every enemy up until ragnarock and would’ve done at least as well as ragnarock thor did against Hela – as he seemed to be much more creative with mjilnor than thor ever was.

11. Captain Marvel – there’s two marvel movies I still haven’t watched – the first is ant man and the wasp; the second is captain marvel. That being said just from swing clips from captain marvel online and endgame I can tell she’s powerful as fuck. She took out thanos ship with no issue and held her own against thanos who had to use the power stone to get the upper hand. But at the end of the day thanos trounced Captain America with mjilnor, a weak thor and iron man without an infinity gauntlet, was fighting a plethora of super heroes – outnumbered and outgunned And didn’t even have his sword at that point and still managed to defeat captain marvel, after doing battle with a number of other heroes including Scarlett witch who fared much better, so to me that puts her on the same level as Cap, maybe a bit higher as thanos traded the advantage of 3 on 1 with a sword for 1 vs 1 with captain marvel without a sword and the fights were about even.

10. Thanos – thanos is one of the greatest villains of all time, he’s defeated almost every avenger in combat at least once, granted that was with infinity stones. But he actually did better against some characters without infinity stones and a sword, namely iron man, thor and captain America with mjilnor – which has to be nearly equal to the level of competition he faced on titan, but he didn’t have a single stone. He defeated almost every MCU character a second time unarmed in the battle on endgame, and a lot of the fights weren’t close.

9. Thor – thor is a beast, at least infinity war thor, he beat off the power of all the infinity stones, cut thanos and killed thanos later, three feats not seen before in the MCU. His help defeated Loki with 2 infinity stones and ultron with 1. He single handedly defeated that dark elf with an overpowered reality stone – something his grandfather couldn’t boast. He got some good licks in against Hela and with stormbreaker he very well may have won against both her and surtur – especially with the bifrost at his disposal. Hell he took on more infinity gems than his father did.

8. Scarlett Witch – I put this on here strictly due to her defeat of vision, and thanos – where she absolutely obliterated him so bad he had to airstrike the field: a feat no other character accomplished to that point in that movie. Her real strength is in how much distance her power has and in how fast she can use it. She also has the power to mess with peoples minds, which adds to her arsenal.

7. Hela – the goddess of death, there’s not much to say. She defeated thor in ragnarock, was possibly one of the only beings capable of stopping thanos, took the power of Odin to keep at bay, and held her own against a fully powered surtur. She defeated the entire armies of Asgard and the Valkyrie and her power would’ve just kept growing the longer she was on Asgard.

6. Surtur – he destroyed Hela, and an entire planet of Asgard, and if the tesertact were still on the planet it’s made clear by thor he could’ve destroyed that too. The only loss we know he’s taken was to Odin at full power, and even that was a close fight.

5. The ancient one – she’s very powerful – in fact any sorcer Supreme would’ve made this list, but we only have the feats of two. She’s equal to a base doctor strange, someone who was able to keep dormamu at bay, was near immortal, and defeated countless enemies. The position of sorcerer Supreme is so powerful it’s entrusted to keep the most powerful infinity stone protected.

4. Ego – the man can destroy entire planets, not just one like surtur can but multiple planets in multiple galaxies. He’s nearly immortal and can manipulate an entire planet at will – or more if he gets ahold of them. It took the power of another celestial and multiple avengers to destroy him, and that was when he wasn’t at max capacity, if he had more planets under his control he could’ve had more lives – kind of like Voldemort’s horcruxes in Harry potter.

3. Doctor Strange – This man is overpowered. Granted he had a time stone, but he took on dormamu to – stalemate – someone who is basically omnipotent. He took on the full power of four infinity stones by himself – unlike thor who just blindside thanos. The only reason he lost to thanos is because it was required to get the outcome he needed. His only major loss was to ebony maw, which is bad, however he did get caught in the middle of trying to use the timestone so he was unprepared. He also didn’t use any of the extent of his powers in the middle of the city that he later used on thanos.

2. Odin – this man defeated the frost giants with an infinity stone, conquered most of the nine realms, defeated Surtur, Hela and didn’t have a single loss in the entire series. The man stripped the power of thor, and has the ability to bestow it at will. Odin was the only thing keeping thanos from starting on his quest to invade Asgard for the tesseract, and his absence allowed thanos the ability to create the infinity gauntlet and most of his weapons.

1. Dormamu – he defeated Dr. Strange with the timestone millions or billions of times until he got frusturated. It’s stated his power from the dark dimension is near unlimited and his power bestowed gave multiple characters the power to be nearly equal to base level Dr. Strange and the ancient one. It was the ancient one drawing on his power that made her as strong as she was in the first place. The creature swallowed whole dimensions, not just galaxies or universes like ego did with planets but he has the power equal to the infinity gauntlet in all of them, damn unstoppable and will probably come back to play in the future now the timestone is gone.

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Post Malone: Circles Lyric Breakdown

Rapper post Malone is one of the coolest dudes out there, and perhaps one of his biggest hits ever was released last year. It’s one of the top five songs of that year, and is still currently my favorite post Malone song of all time and a song I listen to constantly, so in honor of the song that’s been recently re-stuck in my mind here’s a lyric breakdown with my thoughts.

“We couldn’t turn around
‘Til we were upside down”

So their relationship couldn’t be solved until it was ended. A super clever lyric, although I’m not a huge fan of the meaning.

“I’ll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain’t too proud”

He’s going to be the reluctant bad guy and break up with her, sometimes things need to get done, and you have to do the dirty work.

“I couldn’t be there
Even when I try”

So the dude was physically and emotionally unavailable, it happens when you’re famous and rich.

“You don’t believe it
We do this every time”

So this is one of those toxic break up/get back together type of deals. I think someone needs to cut your circle like a flat tire, post.

“Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame ’cause we can’t let go
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away, I dare you to do something
I’m waiting on you again
So I don’t take the blame
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away, run away“

This hook is one of the sweetest sounding things I’ve heard in a hot minute, and it’s lyrically complex too. It tells you the theme of the song, and a bit about himself – how he’s hesitating

“Let go
I got a feeling that it’s time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get go”

Of course it was doomed, post. This is a toxic ass relationship and you need to cut it off.

“You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though”

That happens sometimes, you’ve gotta keep in mind there are other girls to fuck, especially as a successful rapper – you’ll be fine.

“And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)”

What do you have a tape recording of the sex?

“Maybe you don’t understand what I’m going through
It’s only me, what you got to lose?”

Her time, she’s not getting it back wasting it in a toxic relationship, post, neither are you so move on

“Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?”

This is a pretty confident statement, but it’s all for nothing. Dude put his balls on the line and can’t escape this girl like a goddam cocaine hit. We need to get this man into rehab ASAP.