Charisma on Command – All positive Phrases he’s given – to be repeated daily

I like to repeat this list five times every day to drill it into my subconcious, these are all the mindset phrases given out on charisma on command.

1. Confidence – it’s okay if I fail, I’m still worthy of love; I am enough so others want to hear me, I’ve succeeded before so everything will be alright as long as I have myself, because there’s many options for me to win with; no matter what I’ll be okay.

2. Honesty – I don’t enjoy confrontation and may be disliked for it but everyone is disliked by someone it’s normal, honest conflict is better than dishonest harmony so tell the truth always what something makes me feel and what my experiences have been in my own life, I’ll share my goals, I’ll always do the right thing and focus on me, no truth is unspeakable.

3. Respect – I control my life whether I succeed or fail and my choices, I’ll date who I want and do what I desire, there’s nobody I should be except the best me, I’ll decide whether I like doing what I’m doing set goals to get me where I wanna be and a plan on how to get there, I’ll do what’s scary everyday, if it won’t matter in a week I’ll just do it, I have a right to be here, heard, seen and take up space, I only need myself.

4. How can this be good in disguise, elevate myself and everyone to higher standards, help out those in need, how can this help me or benefit me? How can this help others or benefit others? I don’t know others struggles so I won’t judge their choices because I’d make the same choices in their shoes. Everything will be okay because I or those I’ve chosen are solving it. Praise others, learn about others. Entertain myself first, always go first, quality of connection over who I’m connecting with, everyone’s doing best so don’t join hate.

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Chad thundercock is an alpha male with big dick energy. He's the coolest guy you'll ever meet.

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