Dopamine Fasting – Why you should try it

I’m writing this in the midst of a dopamine fast, a way to reset my body and mind for the next week, it’s a great thing to do and you should try it.

What is a dopamine fast? It’s an attempt to reduce the amount of dopamine produced in your brain to zero for a specific period of time. It’s a way we get accustomed to doing the difficult thing so that way we’re mentally tougher, a core tenant of stocicism.

You should try it, and here’s a list of what’s permitted

1. No food, only water and a multi-vitiman

2. The only excercise you get is a walk

3. Meditation is your friend, as often as possible

4. Ice cold or swimming pool temperature showers are great

5. Journaling will help organize your thoughts

6. Writing is permitted, so you can work on a book

7. Cleaning your house is permitted so make sure it’s spotless

8. Gardening is permitted

9. Fishing is permitted

What isn’t permitted:

1. Tech (the one exception is a computer only open on Microsoft word for writing),

2. No reading, or entertainment of any kind, no Netflix, etc.

3. No pleasure – sex, masturbation, etc

4. Minimal talking

That’s basically it, this is the template you can follow

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