Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 20

1. Names – a. Reinforce a new positive identity, “I’ve been shy here in the past but I’ll be better now.” b. Be with those that bring out the best in you; c. Habit trumps all.

2. Bad Jokes – a. Look for verbal hesitation, they’ll cut you off, shrink and self sooth, change topics if you see these signs; b. Jokes that make the other person feel guilty, don’t tease about things people are likely to feel sensitive about, compliment others either before or after teasing;

3. Bad relationship Signs – a. Major gap, history of abuse or telling you about bad intentions, b. Prioritizes attractive over honest, behavior is often justified as they don’t wanna loose you, c. nagging is bad, negative emotion is bad, positive emotion is good; d. Attack self esteem – until you do what they want e. Frequent crying; e. Actions don’t match words; f. Listen to friends/family and keep strong relationships; g. Listen to opinions of people who’ve had relationships you’d want, don’t let people cut off your relationships, control your time; h. If you can’t trust person to behave then end the relationship; I. Love at first sight is really bad and don’t make rash decisions based on it; J. Relationships shouldn’t be difficult

4. Joe Rogan Communication – a. Slow speech, emphasize end word, b. Don’t use filler words like, um, uh etc. C. Don’t let self be derailed deliver it through the inturruption, d. Call it out – hold on a second, let me finish speaking, e. Only focus on important stuff; f. Don’t raise voice; g. Acknowledge what was being said then return to conversation. G. Honesty always, share something about yourself that others may not like, call someone out for bad behavior but remember to console the other person, H. Share politics and religion, but don’t get too caught up in it; I. Engage with people you disagree with, surround self with those people

5. How to learn 100x faster – a. Find teachers, make sure each lesson builds on last, teaches based on skill level, teaches in same style you learn, set realistic goals, b. Celebrate wins, set a goal and celebrate completing it regardless of outcome, c. Make it fun to learn, find someone to learn with, broadcast interest, talk to those doing same stuff, practice 3x a week

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