The Perfect Morning Routine

A lot of people have a lot of opinions, here’s mine; daily habits that are good for you will change your life, they did mine;

  1. Set a bedtime that gives you exactly 6 hours of sleep (+ 15 minutes in bed to fall asleep; no phone) take melatonin before bed to help you fall asleep. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time daily. This will fix a lot of problems. I try and pick a bedtime around 10 hours before school/work or so, the goal is to maximize your time in the morning when you’ve got energy, so say school starts at 8, then I’d say sleep from 5pm-11pm then grind afterword
  2. I do a dream journal immediately afterword
  3. Then I make my bed
  4. A cup of coffee, tea, lemon water, a multi vitiman, a motivational video, clean your face and check the scale
  5. Meditate for 20 minutes while jogging – YouTube has some guided meditation that’s great
  6. journal for 10 minutes, use the phrase today I… (will do blank, or want to do blank work wonders as a way to get things flowing.
    This should all take 50 minutes or an hour at most.
  7. Gym time – 2 hours; I’ve found upper/lower split works best alternated with mma (2 hours of mma on those days) and a 30 minute cardio burn in the end, alternate cycling, running and swimming. I try and listen to a podcast at the gym or an audiobook also.
  8. Cold showers, not necessarly ice cold but at least the same temp you’d get in a swimming pool.
  9. Pick a hygene routine and stick to it: exfoliator, moisturizer and sunscreen for starters, and charcoal toothpaste is bomb.
  10. You ever seen that scene from the wolf of wall street? Beat your chest like the alpha you are in the mirror, no joke it feels good.
  11. Cook your own breakfast, Gordon Ramsay is who i like to watch
  12. Reading – a trp book for 20 minutes and ten minutes on a Philosophy, either Buddhism or stoicism;
  13. Watch an AMS video and a Charisma on Command Video, also Charisma Matrix

Around 4 hours for all of this, total around 5 hours.

  1. Learn a language – Duolingo to start, Id actually recommend 2, alternate them, ex: Russian on Monday and French on Tuesday, pick one you’d like to learn and one that’s difficult like I did. Get two crowns on duo, watch an occasional video on it;
  2. Play guitar – 30 minutes, they’ve got good tutorials on youtube.
  3. Learn to dance – 30 minutes, same deal as above
  4. Yoga – puts you in a positive mood and strengthens your core like crazy – 10 minutes a day is all you really need
  5. Cook your lunch – Gordon Ramsay 30 minutes
  6. Take a 20 minute nap to give you energy to get through the rest

Total that’s 2 hr and 30 min; around 7.5 hours total.

If you have to move some of this stuff around it’s fine, but make sure you set aside time to work on your purpose, minimum 1 hour, ideally 2 hours a day 7 days a week. For me it’s writing novels, so I do that on my lunch break at work;

Everyday: don’t jerk off to porn, try not to at all

On your off days from school/work here’s your schedule – off day 1.

Forget the normal schedule – all day this is what I do: toastmasters public speaking, fishing, improv class, hiking, voulenteer, weekly shopping and a date night, either take someone but usually take myself out, just depends on how I’m feeling.

On off day two I do a dopamine fast, that means no external stimuli that produces dopamine at all here’s what you can do; clean house, meditate, walking, sitting in nature, writing (book), garden, blog and water; no food, tech, or talking, basically my day a week to be a fucking monk.

If you want to do therapy do it on off day 1, and don’t break the bank, but in my experiance before I started this routine around a year ago I was where you are – massively depressed and suicidal, but I fixed myself without nobody else’s help, and that gives me confidence like mad. I’m not perfect, I’ve still got a long way to go I still get depressed one day a month, usually on my fuck off days, but I have an idgaf mentality, I feel like I took myself from a peasant to a prince to a motherfucking king by my own hand and that’s a feeling no redpill book can give you, cause hell if I can do that then I can do anything, and I didn’t need anyone but myself to do it.

Remember don’t be looking for females, if you happen to find them then great but if not who gives a fuck, you’ll have no time for oneitis, no time to be depressed, you’ll have massive purpose and massive improvement. Plus you can always invite a chick to do something you were already scheduled to do.

your most common spots, or mine, to find chicks will be the gym, or the mma place, dance class if you do it, cooking class if you do it, in the park, improv, shopping, voulenteer, and during a date night a girl may give you choosing signals, up to you whether or not you get them.

Good luck

Edit: every two weeks or so I take a do nothing day, where I just basically fuck around; it keeps me from burning out and reminds me how good my routine actually feels. Dont feel too guilty about missing a day here and there, this is a rigorous schedule, but I try and remember that my time is limited, and every second I don’t use wisely is a second I waste. If you miss a daily thing or two that’s fine, remember if you do 80% of this list it’s still more than 99.9% of people do, and all provide great benefits.

Edit 2: forgot to mention friends, you’ve got four friends already through these habits – First yourself that’s the person you’ll be spending the most time with so treat him like the chad he is, second AMS is a legend, third Charisma on Command helped me out a ton with general social dynamics and charisma matrix with more specific social dynamics, those are your four friends; I’d say one best bro or maybe two who have the same goals as you in real life is a must, but don’t go looking for them, it’ll just happen long enough after hanging at the places you do as those are self improvement spots, just make friends/talk to the people there, not everyone you’re not trying to waste all your time yapping like a female, but strike up a convo on occasion and you’re bound to connect with a dude or two, and at least one or two of those will end up as a best friend.

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