Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 18

1. How to be immune from social pressure – a. Write down values, b. Build a core group of positive influences, c. Build conviction in yourself, d. If someone tries to tell you to do something respond with “it’s a good thing we each make decisions for ourselves, if things were different we’d both be unhappy.” E. It’s okay to move on from a group.

2. How to bust out of the friendzone – a. Take responsibility, you put yourself in the friendzone, be honest, risk rejection, escalate. B. Steady nerves – imagine worst case scenario, it’s okay to like someone, go for what you want; c. Reveal feelings in a non-needy way, goal is complete honesty, if things are reciprocated then kiss.

3. 5 phrases that kill charisma – a. No problem, instead say happy to help; b. You screwed up, instead say there was a mistake made, can you help me? C. Don’t pre-emptly disqualify yourself, either talk good or don’t say anything bad. D. You always/never (blank); instead say when you do (blank) I feel (blank).

4. Reasons nice people aren’t nice – a. Only doing nice things to get something in return b. Asking indirectly, remember to ask for what you want, it’s okay to ask; c. No means no, it’s okay to say no.

5. 3 jokes to make people laugh – a. Fake out – 1st sentence sets up expectations and next sentence breaks them. B. the caracature – slow pace and change voice; embody characters; c. Yes and – agree and amplify a joke.

6. Self esteem is overrated – a. Lacking confidence mindset – I’ll be kind to self if it goes well, but it won’t go well; b. Having confidence mindset – I’ll be kind to self if it goes well and it will go well; c. Self esteem – I’ll be kind to myself by living up to my values and trying my best; d. I’ll be kind to myself for the sake of being kind to myself no matter what.

7. Increase confidence, assertiveness and energy – a. Intermittent fasting, b. Lifting, c. Proper nutrition; fish oil, multivitamin, zinc, magnesium, vitimin D; d. Proper sleep 7 hours minimum, e. Eliminate Testosterone killers – sugar, man made trans fats, stress.

8. George clooney – a. Make self comfortable, greet others with a smile, keep a relaxed posture; b. Laugh with eyes, get involved emotionally, don’t force things; c. Strong eye contact when making main points; d. Bring up those in a lower position, tease people in a similar or higher position/self-deprication in a joking way; e. Goal is to make self and everyone feel good.

9. 5 psych tricks – a. The free trap, remember there’s still a time and energy cost, ask self would I get this for $1? b. Projection, internal problem we can’t cope with, integrate judgements about others into self c. Social proof and authority don’t equal experiances, use own experiances to make judgements. d. It’s okay to be hypocritical, be honest over integrity; e. Accept your losses.

10. Loki – a. Carefree Attitude – a. Life is only as stressful and serious as we make it. Ask self how can I make this situation more fun? b. Relate to other person – empathize with them, explain why you did what you did; c. Unpredictable, d. Attack problems with a smile.

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