Charisma on Command- The Ultimate Rulebook Part 17

1. Quick likeability – a. Playful misinterpretation, b. Honesty, share fears c. amuse self.

2. 4 ways to make small talk a. Compliment + cold read, you’re good at blank you must be a blank; b. Open ended/longer questions; c. Turn convo into a game; d. Ask for advice.

3. Storytelling principals – a. Take people on emotional journey, 1st person perspective and don’t jump to end; b. Constant element of mystery; c. End with a moral/lesson; d. Start with a problem

4. Jedi mindset sucks a. Accept your emotions; b. Emotions aren’t permanent; c. Handling feelings is better than burying them.

5. Vocal Tone – a. Speak from face – yawn, breath before speaking, more airflow is better.

6. Meet like minded people – a. Treat bad things like an addiction, ex: validation and prestige, don’t go on social media; b. Find a single person who shares goals and work with them; c. Do what you like and connect with those that share goals; d. Read books with multiple POV’a

7. Be interesting – a. High energy in the moment; b. Create mental list of topics; c. Tell good stories; d. Wide circle of friends; e. Focus on your dream daily.

8. Stay confident in embarrassing situations – a. Smile especially when embarrassed; b. Be authentic through embarrassment; c. Agree and amplify; d. Help others escape embarrassing situations.

9. Harvey Specter – a. Enter loud; b. Respond slowly, stroll and sit; c. stay cool, calm and collected, take a pause/breath; d. Enter without announcing; e. Downward inflection; f. Say what will happen with downward inflection; g. Enter high energy then taper off; h. When in confrontation attack frame not content of argument; I. Don’t try to impress or submit to others; J. Remember this person wants to partner with you; k. Say when you like someone; l. Screen people; m. Give people options; n. Give self options.

10. Charisma booster – a. Buy a notebook and write gratitude; b. Donate old stuff to goodwill; c. Connect with shy people; d. Active listen; e. Encourage others dreams; f. Acknowledge service workers and thank them.

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