Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 16

1. 4 ways to be liked – a. Warmness, touch others; b. Laughing at others jokes, but don’t force it; c. Teasing and complimenting them about what they’re in control of; d. Showing interest.

2. 5 morning routine habits – a. Glass of water, b. make bed, c. excercise, d. meditation, e. Positive Music

3. Win an argument without making enemies – a. Slow the pace and relax, focus on breathing; b. Make a joke, misinterpret words and laugh at your own joke; c. Ask questions, legitimately rephrase beliefs; d. Try to understand position and legitimately rephrase arguments, e. Yes, but – agree/validate early; tell where you disagree; f. Remember you aren’t always right; g. Goal is to get things right not to be right.

4. Awkward to attractive – a. Introduce self with physical touch ie handshake; b. Call out akward moments in a joking way and amplify social mistakes. c. Add 1 sentence/question; d. Over the top humor goes well with a deadpan expression, if you fuck up laugh at self; e. If there’s an akward silence you can either let it sit comfortably or create a hard positive pivot.

5. 5 steps to win an argument – a. Win-win mindset; b. Validate their opinion; c. Listen to their emotional wants; d. Recognize positive intent; e. Everything is negotiable.

6. Avoid embarrassing self in debates – a. Don’t have an aggressive tone/word choice; b. Don’t use “so you’re saying”; c. Find hidden pre-supposition; d. Assume relaxed open posture; e. Pause after each question; f. Smash technique – badger other person with questions; to get around this slow the pace; g. Don’t strawman the other person; h. Use visual imagery; I. Show them they already agree with you; j. Address their emotional concern; k. Console others when they lose.

7. Productivity – a. What would I do with infinite time? B. Get rid of time wasters such as tv; c. Avoid brain draining activities, ex: for an introvert that may be too much socialization; d. Excercise to improve testosterone; e. Hire people to do menial tasks.

8. Command respect without bullying – a. Pace reality, validate their opinion, mention what they may be thinking, raise hypothetical question, goal is education; b. Tell stories to capture attention; relate it to them; reference famous tales like Noah, Pinocchio etc. C. Encourage dialogue; d. Respect others to get respexfd

9. Inspire like Wonder Woman – a. Enthusiasm about things you like, don’t force enthusiasm; b. Idealism; high standards for self and others; include others especially in victories; ask questions; selective rule breaking. C. Decisiveness – decide to do something and stick to it.

10. Be popular and honest – a. Touch people in a friendly way; b. Genuine compliment; c. Mix compliments and humor; d. Show kindness to everyone, note: I’ve found trying to be perceptive to the feelings of others and the situation helps you do this well; e. Consistently honest; f. Focus on adding value to others.

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