Charisma on Command – Ultimate Rulebook Part 13

1. Tony Robbins depression – a. State break – Lightheaded/positive reframe like a joke; a random reaction; a canned joke; reverse psychology try to get them to go back to being depressed. B. Say that’s who you were = negative/ say this is who you are now = positive.

2. Toxic people – a. Approach in a different way: I care about you and it upsets me when you do (blank); b. Come in with a specific ask, point to specific behavior – today when we did (thing) you did (specific thing), don’t do it again; ask them to let you know where you can change, and to remind you; c. Get out of abusive situations; d. For some things you’re not equipped to deal with it, point them to a resource and leave if they don’t change.

3. 9 charisma mistakes – a. Not introducing yourself, make eye contact with everyone and introduce self with a handshake. B. Not introducing friends, “hey this is my friend (blank)”; c. Don’t talk about stuff nobody cares about any long “I” story; check in; d. Pause mid-story to ask for feedback; e. Speak in full and clear voice; f. Add 1-2 sentences to answer a question. G. Don’t whine/complain – improve situation or tell a story and ask for advice; h. Say other persons name when first hear it, use rhyming trick (rich ricky), say it as often as possible, say it at the end; I. Have convictions and live by them.

4. 6 charisma mindsets – a. “No matter what I’ll be okay“ b. “I care more about my character than my reputation”, c. “I don’t need to convince anyone”, d. Share your goals when asked; e. Go first, extend praise, tell joke, be vuanrable.

5. Tom cruise bad charisma – a. Remember to command physical space, touch objects and other people in a friendly way; b. Genuine smile; c. Refer to other person by name; d. Lean into other person while speaking; e. Make eye contact when making points; f. “Others need to hear this” mindset; g. Downward inflection on sentences; h. “Believe what you say and say what you believe” mindset. I. Practice empathy.

6. Why we love people who hurt us – a. Attracted to people that remind us of early life caretakers, we associate caretaker with survival, we go for people who embody an aspect of ourselves we’ve denied; b. How to fix – recognize emotional patterns, look to personality of exes, look to moments when you fell in love; c. We search for others love when we don’t love ourselves.

7. 3 mistakes to avoid – a. fix yourself before you fix the world; honesty always, clean room, schedule, to-do list; health; family relationships; meditation; career. B. Conflict is surface level, deeper issue is dishonesty; c. you can know the truth but not live it, live how you believe; d. Figure out beliefs – test them and how they impact self esteem; e. Acknowledge shadow self, your devil on the shoulder, accept desires as apart of yourself, if you dislike something in others you’re really disliking it about yourself; d. Pick something you’ve been afraid to do and do it.

8. Logan Paul – a. High energy opening/jump cuts; b. Share content with everyone; c. Incorporate fans in videos; d. Deliver merch to fans personally; e. co-branding.

9. Sarcasm – a. Get in habit of joking, b. High specificity c. Lower your filter, still have it but less, d. Occasional self depreciation, e. Tease others strengths.

10. Command respect – a. Enter loud with energy then taper off, b. After you do x, then do y or you’ll do x; c. Downward inflection, don’t break eye contact first; d. Make people wait to speak; e. Invade space when making a point; f. Speak first and last.

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