Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 12

1. 5 charisma mistakes – a. You should touch initially in a friendly way, handshake or hug then often friendly touches. B. Elevate others with jokes – Validate others, express affection, supportive humor; c. Exaggerate others good qualities “Mr. Perfect”, d. Agree and amplify others jokes; e. Direct compliments for something they’ve earned; f. Compliment others when they’re not present; g. Share the spotlight – include others.

2. Trump – a. repeat important phrases, b. Simple information; c. Don’t defend yourself, flip the pressure on the opponent.

3. Introvert networking – a. Just connecting with people anywhere; b. Make it easy for people to speak with you, use an opener; c. Get people talking about themselves; d. Play matchmaker.

4. How to connect – a. Touch, b. Eye contact, c. Sit adjacent, d. Avoid blocks e. Body toward them f. Topics – hardship, family, embarrassed; g. Amplify tension and empathy.

5. Respect – a. Defend your time, b. Pause before speaking, c. Gesticulate and take up space, d. Finish sentences, e. Do the socially difficult thing f. Share values g. Call people on bad behavior.

6. 5 ways to develop charisma – a. Look at charismatic people and ask what makes them charismatic? B. Bounce ideas off others.

7. Bad body language – a. Engage with one person, don’t bounce between convos. B. Don’t let someone interrupt you; c. Don’t lean against things; d. Keep hands out of pockets, precise gestures get people to listen, open gestures make you more likeable; e. When apologizing don’t hang head, make strong eye contact.

8. Eyebrow flash – communicates friendliness/you like someone.

9. Building trust – a. Reveal your biases/motives; b. Act against own interest because it’s right; c. Honesty over everything; d. Know principals and live by them.

10. a. Build rapport with a compliment/joke – “I like you, you’re like me”. B. Talk about results; people don’t buy drills, they buy holes; c. Demonstrate product; d. People are deciding to buy you, and your emotional state; e. Enthusiasm, confidence, speak in certainties; f. Go for win-win approach.

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