Charisma on Command – Ultimate Rulebook Part 11

1. How to be self aware – a. Person most likely to lie to you is yourself; b. Honesty is most important, even above integrity; c. Ask people that know you well; d. Journal.

2. Why good relationships fail – a. People focus on good while forgetting the bad; b. People won’t just appear you need to be proactive; c. Ask yourself what you expect out of a relationship; d. Be honest with self and partner about expectations; e. Happiness is internal.

3. Overcoming childhood – a. Whatever reaction when stressed is learned as a child; b. Ask self what relationship with parents were like? They help shape you. C. Be honest to self about patter, “I’m feeling stressed”, tell others about pattern “I get anxious when stressed”, share wha you’re feeling “I’m feeling stressed”.

4. 5 habits – a. Doing socially scary things, ie: approach 10 people; b. Ask self what would I do with unlimited money, and set goals to get self there; c. Meditats, d. Be honest always; e. Listen to positive music/speeches.

5. Louis CK – a. Nail timing, pause for 3 seconds, stop speaking after a joke; b. Heightening a joke, punchline 1, punchline 2 adds description and absurdity, punchline 3 is the most descriptive and absurd; c. Play a character;

6. Bad habits – a. Don’t stay in a job you hate; b. put self in a good mood, give self a pep talk in the mirror, listen to positive music; c. Remember there’s infinite options and all you need is yourself; d. Don’t lower the bar “I’m not very good at his but” either raise it or say nothing. E. Know what you want and share it with others.

7. Text a girl; a. Give her your number, save self as something fun; b. Send yourself a text as her to create a convo; c. Add fun emotions into your text; d. Call back to a good moment; e. Keep invitation low pressure and exiting, do things you like; ie: ice cream, bar, dance class.

8. Flirt without being creepy; a. Don’t approach from behind, eye contact 4 seconds with a smile, if she smiles back say something; approach by 3rd time looking at her; b. Use push pull method; c. Don’t be afraid to touch, but don’t drag her; rest hand on theirs, touch shoulders, non-butt out hug d. don’t trap her, give her an exit, trap self against something;

9. Chris Pratt – a. Have fun with yourself; b. Reframe everything in a positive/self elevating way; c. use jokes that build others up.

10. Think 10x faster – a. High pressure situations are inevitable; b. Open body up and take a deep breath; c. Have a conversation opener ready “hey, I don’t believe we’ve met yet I’m (blank)”, repeat questions back if you didn’t hear it.

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