Charisma on Command – Ultimate Rulebook Part 10

A. Dating

1. Commit

2. Don’t ask for a number ask if they’d like to do something, then if yes get the number

3. Comfortable and slow asking girls out

4. Sunglasses

5. Start an actual conversation, what are you up to today

B. Hollywood romance

1. Substitute emotional intensity for emotional quality; no drama doesn’t equal bad

2. The perfect person will take interest because they see the real you; you have to have something going for you

3. Love at first sight – doesn’t exist its oneitis my guy

4. Ignore rejection; don’t ignore when they say they aren’t interested

5. Give large gifts in order to make amends; instead apologize and give space

6. Suffering, dpedendence and self sacrifice are treated as tests of love

C. Emotional maturity

1. Don’t demonize exes or people you’ve had a falling out with

2. I am the common denominator in my problems

3. Don’t take responsibility for others feelings

4. Get angry, sad an anxious but not to an absurd level go through negative emotions

5. Don’t wallow or victimize yourself

6. Speak about emotions without being affected by them

7. Slow down and pause in high pressure situations

D. David dobrik

1. Laugh at others jokes a lot

2. Take 5-10 minutes to prime self with influence you want to embody

3. Use a lot of high impact words, very polarizing phrases ex; I love it, the best, etc. Move conversation in direction of things you feel strongly about especially what you strongly like

4. Low reactivity in face of bad stuff, express good stuff

5. Put spotlight on other people

6. Tap into joy of others without being a people pleaser

E. Charisma – anxiety beaters

1. Reveal palms, inside of elbows, open legs

2. Replace filler words with pure silence; breathe in

3. Have twice as long as you think to respond, consciously pause

4. Use re-framed phrases: failure doesn’t matter, death is imminent, minimize regrets, you won’t care about this in 80 years

5. Accept the reality of what someone is doing or what is happening

6. Depend on yourself to make you happy – you have nothing to gain from other people

F. Charisma improvement

1. Upgrade Thin Slice – dress sharper

2. Take up more space; stand up straight, sit asymmetrical etc.

3. Platonic touching, add in some platonic touching – keep touch to non-central areas, universal toucher, 3 seconds, socially calibration

4. Don’t allow self to be cut off, don’t allow others to be cut off, tune up voice to be heard

5. Praise competition

6. Openly share shortcomings – say them confidently or as a joke

F. Bobby Axelrod

1. Learns what people need before negotiating, what do you want?

2. Once learned what others want use body language to manipulate emotions,

3. Stand while others sit, when presenting especially; this is to capture attention, splaying out and sitting is to hold it;

4. Side by side and eye level is for someone who you’re on equal footing with

5. Uses exploding offers to create panic – you’ve got so many seconds, now or never; don’t let someone else time pressure him, be willing to walk away.

6. Negotiations are a long term game, not a short term game.

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