Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 8

1. Muhammad Ali – A. Bragging in a very exaggerated/playful way that is obviously exaggerated. B. Make sure to back up brags; C. Strong frame, whoever wins a frame battle is one with stronger frame; D. Unafraid of honesty and confrontation, says the truth even if it’s ugly; E. Stand up for your beliefs, always.

2. Charisma Confident – A. Slow extended movements; B. Slow response times; C. Slow blinking; D. Take deep breath to slow down; E. Take few quick breaths to speed up; F. Greet someone with handshake and wave; G. Bring someone new into conversation; H. Handicapping yourself, tell truth that hurts yourself; I. Speaking about negatives with enthusiasm; J. Be absolutely honest!!!; K. Stay calm, non-react, maintain thought process/questioning/ have emotional center; L. Express emotions with calmness and enthusiasm; M. Make list of triggers.

3. Charisma – stark mistakes; A. Lack empathy – doesn’t know who to trust; think what would they do, instead you should look to their past actions; B. Don’t tell competition plans, don’t underestimate people; C. Don’t tell people plans; tell people that when they achieve a goal they will get rewarded; D. Let people know both strategy and tactics; tell team the why of the goals so they can improvise; E. Always communicate – plans and goals, repeat plans and goals, make sure it makes sense for everyone; F. Use heaven and hell method/carrot and stick method – super vivid picture.

4. Jim Carey – A. Play character to use sarcasm; B. Play character – especially facially to make jokes at others expense; C. Be super specific when telling jokes; D. Super high conviction is the core of charisma; E. Commit to humor – drag don’t drop; stay commited; F. Oddly random humor; G. Playful misinterpret others; H. Put on serious face to enhance unexpected.

5. Power and frames – A. The stronger frame will win; B. Humor breaks frames – playful misinterpretation; C When break frame can persuade; D. Don’t fight insult, flip it on them; E. Interpret insult as praise for you or an insult for them; F. Create a new option; G. Behave how you want to; treat others well.

6. Charisma – 4 ways to improve – A. Improv classes; B. Martial arts; C. Public speaking class; D. Real time practice in bars with new people

7. Bruce lee – A. Change frame of question and then answer new question; B. Value self expression over everything; C. If you disagree with form of the question then say so.

8. Negativity; A. If oblique and passive aggressive then ignore it; B. Interpret passive aggressive as literal; C. Be venerable when answering directly; D. When someone says “I could never” say It’s a good thing we each make decisions for our own lives, if things were reversed we’d both be unhappy; E. Don’t recruit others; live it; F. Join communities of like minded people.

9. Obama Persuading – A. Arise Shame /emotion in audience to inspire change; B. Say why we need change; C. Pre-empt ejections; D. Give audience personal ownership; E. Show them they already agree with your position/argument agrees; F. Paint heaven and hell; G. Say I need your help

10. Public speaking tips; A. Prop – any physical object/ capture attention in 10 seconds; B. Get audience interaction within the first minute; ex: ask a provocative question; C. Individual anecdotes are persuasive; D. Embody the story in the present tense/act it out

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