Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 7

1. Charisma – stopping shyness: a. Let self suck for 60 seconds, b. Get into your body – spread out and extend/move arms/body, stretch, c. Breathe deeply – for a few seconds, d. Hum and breathe deeply, e. Actively listen with voice, f. Ask questions/directions, g. Good lines: hey I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m blank.

2. First impression mistakes – a.Aiming for harmony instead of setting boundaries – hey I don’t appreciate what you just did, don’t ever do it again; b. Avoiding disagreements and focusing on commonalities; be honest if you dislike something someone has done, disagree with them, agree to disagree in a kind way; c. Fake it till you make it – applies only to body language and nonverbal communication; be honest with what comes out your mouth absolutely; d. Good lines: hey this is totally random but…

3. Julia Roberts – Laugh at others jokes/smile at their jokes.

4. 3 tips having fun without drinking; a. Relaxed, uninhibited, b. Be more talkative first, Change state through something physical like dancing, c. Don’t go to places just to drink.

5. Charisma – small talk; a. Yes and for normal small talk, b. or yes but no.

6. Gesticulations – a. Reveal palms – down authoritarian, up request; b. Avoid own ticks.

7. Daily tips – a. Open shoulders, b. Smile, c. Talk with hands.

8. Jaden Smith – a. Finish sentences, b. Active listening, c. Raise voice when start speaking, d. Add value when speak.

9. Jennifer Lawrence – a. Be vunarable from a dominant position; b. Tell an embarrassing story; c. Tell story from normal person perspective if audience hasn’t been there

10. Steve Jobs – a. Vision – set clear, achievable and persuasive vision; keep core values very simple; b. Use high stakes metaphors – ex: mortal enemies, war; c. Create an enemy; d. Speak in certainties – we will do this, that and the third.

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