Social security is running out, spending is out of control, and there’s only one option left…

Raise taxes, and cut spending, drastically. First the military budget – the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost us $1.5T, for no tangible gain, so they’d be out, we also spend more than the next 7 countries combined, a good number are our allies. If you take allies out of the equation, the us and her allies spend as much as the rest of the world, combined. That’s too much strain on the us. It’s going to be cut to $450 billion, that way the us still spends as much as the next ten enemy countries combined. That’s + $210 billion. This will be accomplished via a new recruit freeze for a year, and then dropping the level of recruits after that. This will also drop the number of new veterans, so VA spending will drop, by let’s say $5 billion a year.

I’m going to round all of the small social programs, creating around $15 billion dollars.

Next social security; let’s cut it, I’ll have all social security money ever collected returned to the citizens in the form of debt; a large bonus check, is that a lot of money, let’s say a one time payout of 10 T total to every American, based on how much they’ve paid in. This will be accomplished via debt. This frees up 1.1T a year. Anything we don’t give back to the people is returned.

Next health and human services, let’s slash this fucker to hell, let’s cut it to 75%, to $800 billion, this saves a lot of money; $400 billion per year. Let’s also introduce a public healthcare service and destroy Obamacare, this will save 20% due to the administrative costs.

Total we’ve freed up 1.8T per year, but that’s not everything, we also need to increase revenue, so say hello to taxes; namely a VAT tax which will generate $400 billion a year, closing tax loopholes can generate $100 billion a year. That’s $500 billion in revenue.

Let’s round up taxes, everything revenue wise, to get $700 billion dollars more; that’s a cool $1.2 Trillion added.

Alright, so total that’s 3.5T more we’ve freed up to pay off our massive national debt we’ve accrued. There’s also $500 billion going to interest alone. Our debt will take ten years to pay off, but it’ll be very much worth it in the end, as it’ll add $500 billion dollars to the budget that are currently being spent on paying the interest back on our debt. Once that debt is gone, we’ll have $4T a year, perhaps we can do a UBI due to the advancement of Automation causing job loss. O

You know what fuck it let’s just raise everything back to today’s levels, except social security which we cut and HHS which we saved 20% on, and the interest on the debt which we’ve conquered; also drop all taxes back except the VAT, so that’s a cool 1T under budget we’ve clocked in at, enough to pay for our UBI. Congrats America you’re under budget and everyone gets $1,000 a month.

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