Social security is running out, and there’s only one option left…

Introducing the make a millionaire program, say goodbye to all of these social programs like social security, and half the DOD budget and half the Health and Human Services budget, thats 2 Trillion dollars a year, plus the US government recently has spent $2.5 trillion on the coronavirus relief so well add that in, and the 2008 stimulus, and the war in iraq for a cool 1.5 trillion dollars, that’s a 4 trillion bonus and a 2 trillion dollar a year budget, so what do we do with it, well introduce the millionaire program, each winner gets a cool 1 million tax free dollars, in their own private account, that’s 4 million winners from the $4T bonus and another 2 million winners every year; every winner gets a yearly salary of 40k tax free adjusted for inflation, without having to work or invest; they can just save and enjoy; good for them. It’ll take around 10 years and we’ve made twenty four million people never have to work again that’s 7% of the population; in twenty years that’s 44 million people or 13% of the population, in forty years that 84 million or 25% of the population; not bad. If we’d started this program in 1990 we could have a lot of millionaires out there. The simple rule is no three consecutive generations can win the lottery. A perfect plan.

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