Charisma on Command – Ultimate Rulebook Part 6

1. 3 traits that make you more attractive- A. Enthusiasm, do what you like, and find something fun in what you’re doing; B. Decisiveness, make decisions for self and others that are stuck, don’t steamroll with strong opinions, if you won’t care about it in a week just pick option A, C. Comfortable tension in hands, and reveal palms.

2. 3 success issues – a. Success invites a comparing mind, compare self to past self not numbers, focus on adding value b. Can be social crutch, only mention when asked c. Can be addictive, forget numbers, focus on value.

3. Command kind respect – a. Unafraid of confrontation, speak up! Honest conflict is better than dishonest harmony; b. It’s normal to be disliked, everyone is; c. Remember nobody enjoys confrontation, admit it; d. Remember you’re in conflict with a persons actions, not them; E. Don’t name call.

4. H3H3 – a. Parody should be done very absurdly; b. Defend those in positions of low power or who are mistreated; c. Live in accordance to principals; d. Be honest with a person to their face; e. Remember to call yourself out first.

5. mindsets to boost self esteem – a. Failures don’t make you unworthy of love, realize that past actions affect present emotional responses, ask yourself why you did what you did and try to empathize, remember there’s nobody you should be except the best version of yourself; b. Offer yourself as much compassion as you would a friend; c. Take responsibility for your actions; d. You can be good and still do selfish things, make your own choices, even if others disagree, date who you like and do what you desire; e. Look back on any success no matter how small.

6. 5 phrases that lower confidence – a. Don’t use the phrase ‘obviously’, instead put yourself on their team and share what you know about the subject; b. Don’t use the phrase ‘you should‘, instead try “I’ve found in my own experience”; c. Never say a real man would, or a real (blank) would, just cut it out; d. “No, but” needs to be rephrased, try “it sounds like you’re saying”; e. “More difficult than” stop comparing others to yourself, remember you don’t have the full picture, again try “I’ve found in my own experience”.

7. bad habits that lose you respect; a. Don’t brag or reveal talents, especially early on in an interaction; b. Finish up your thought/idea before switching up conversations, it’s about respecting the person you were already talking to; c. Finish sentence even if cut off; d. Talk about things you’re going to do, or are doing, not stuff you’d like to do; e. Keep energy level the same with everyone, try to be friendly enough; f. Don’t sell to friends and/or family; g. Don’t lie, by omission or anything, be absolutely honest; h. Love yourself first, tell yourself as much as possible.

8. Vlog brothers – a. Mix facts and jokes, try to be more honest and jokes will come more often; b. Lead with interesting stuff first, ex: I was in a car crash, then jump back to the beginning of the story; c. Share beliefs, but don’t tell others what to believe; d. Create special handshakes; d. Create group labels and symbols.

9. How to handle small talk – a. Jump on conversation openings as quick as possible; b. Answer each question as if it were asked in a more interesting way; c. Pause during stories, slow down pace; d. Ask if you’ve got someone’s opinion on a topic, to steer it in a deeper direction.

10. Video making – a. Handheld cameras = trust and professional cameras = authority; b. Communicate credentials immediately; c. Address criticism immediately after; d. Disqualify those with qualities you don’t want; e. call to action, ie; free or quick

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