Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 4

5 ways to be funnier – a. Take go to stores and if they get a laugh/good reaction use them again; b. Acts out characters – use body to play characters; use body, and voice change; c. Use self-deprication – has to be obviously false; d. Jokes that elevate others – genuine, exaggerate it to hell; e. Doubles down on others jokes.

2. How to kill presentations – a. Memory friendly aka chunks (phone number memories); b. Find details then cut unnecessary ones; c. Memorize details not words; d. Memorize hook and last sentence word for word

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger – a. doing silly things sometimes; b. Cause people to laugh; c. Tease others; d. Have a positive attitude; e. Lucky to get to do things

4. Who to take advice from – a. People who are living the life you want in a specific field; b. look at the person – you can see where their advice has taken them; c. see if it’s possible to test their results.

5. charisma weakness mindset – a. Visualization includes the work to reach the goal, fantasy is just the goal, focus on visualization; b. Internal locus of control Focused environment, advocate things you can change; c. Emotional outlet – journaling, writing, therapy, ie: things to release emotion; d. Be honest with self about emotional state/what you’re feeling, don’t lie about emotional state, change how you’re feeling e. Use empathy, try to see from their perspective; f. Create support network, friends, colleagues and significant other.

6. Donald trump Pt. 2 a. Set self apart from others, play a specific role that’s different; b. Brand people how they don’t want to be seen ex: lying ted Cruze; c. Insist you will win, you’ve got this, or better yet we’ll win and we’ve got this; d. Win one audience at a time, focus on winning one battle/one person at at time; e. Remove threats one at a time, take out one argument at a time, one opponent at a time; f. Alliteration/rhymes stick in brain, ex: coca-cola is memorable

7. The happiness paradox – a. focusing on the Stuff at the bottom of the happiness ladder ex: things and places makes you less happy than the things at the top like self development; b. Experiance – sometimes becomes a crutch on social media, it becomes about branding yourself: experiance should be to grow and make friends and learn, so if you go somewhere don’t post it; c. Growth – focus on improving/self development; d. Connect/contribute – focus on your purpose in life, look to connect with others; give back to the world; e. Focus on what you do have, not what you don’t;

8. Bill Clinton – a. Close distance between yourself and others when going to speak; b. Focus on other person while speaking, give strong eye contact especially during main points; c. Narrow eye contact – more genuine and masculine, lower brows; d. Shift weight before leaving, basically turn body

9. Vocal Charisma – a. Speak slow and breath deep before speaking; b. Alter the speed, tone, breathiness, volume; the general rule is slower and deeper to be more charismatic but you need some variation to keep attention, so enter the conversation louder, higher and quicker and then trail off to a low tone with every sentence.

10. Robin Williams – a. Commits to character with everything; b. Specificity

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