I dislike how mothers: pregnant women and single mothers are put on a pedastal

First: People call for mandatory maternity leave for single mothers and this is dumb. This woman is being rewarded because she made the voluntary choice to let some random guy shoot his load into her, without the numerous forms of contraceptive – condoms/or the many forms of female birth control available to her, and again chose to not take the abortion route and she is being rewarded out of our tax dollars. I believe the responsibility to raise a child should fall solely on the shoulders of the individual, and if she can’t afford it, there’s plenty or resources to prevent it/terminate it.

Of course there’s fucked up situations such as rape and incest, which is why there’s birth control/abortions.

Of course there’s also some of those people that will make the moral argument – that contraception is sinful; well so is having sex before marriage, but that didn’t seem to stop you then, so why does it suddenly stop you now?

Second: you see these women, who decided to get knocked up by some random dude at two in the morning in a Denny’s restroom, getting all kinds of free perks, faster trips in line, discounts etc. For something she CHOSE to do. This is not only unfair to the men out there, but also to other women who don’t get that perk.

Of course there’s people out there that will argue mothers breastfeeding can be treated poorly at the table, and I understand you’ve got to feed your kid, but I don’t want to see that either, so there are numerous avenues that you can take to show consideration to the other people.

Third: Everyone seems to give praise/sympathy to single mothers out there, about how they are so strong to raise a kid by themselves; a. They chose to have the kid in the first place by not choosing any kind of contraception, and yet they’re praised, while they put themselves in a fucked up situation to begin with. It’d be like if you decided one random night to chop off your leg because you were in the mood to, then got a replacement, and were praised for overcoming a disability – no you did it to yourself.

Of course there are assholes out there, if your dudes abusive fucking leave his ass, that’s not who I’m addressing. I’m addressing the majority of girls who have sex with some random dude they don’t know and choose to have his kid, and get these fucking sympathy flowers. It’s gross.

Fourth: motherhood is an easy job, don’t try to tell me otherwise. What you sit around all day and watch fucking Elmo and occasionally give your kid food, switch the channel, change a diaper, or take your kid out. It’s basically like having a slightly more complex dog, the only difference is dog sitters aren’t heralded as someone who does god’s work by everyone and anyone.

Of course that doesn’t make it an easy job, but hell I’d rather work construction, or factory or numerous other jobs where the fatality rate is higher. I’d rather do accounting, or law or numerous other jobs where the mental strain is higher. I’d rather do therapy or hell even daycare is tougher as there’s more kids to manage, you’re just managing one.

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