Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 3

1. How to impress someone – Empathize with them; ask about their passions, ask what their best and worst experience in doing something is, ask about their frustrations, best highlights and worst lowlights of something; Answer questions playfully; make sure to let your opinion be known but highlight where you agree and only then disagree.

2. Jokes that are good for everyone – Jokes about the situation, Self deprication but only from a position of strength, poking fun at something they can control that they won’t get upset about, don’t joke about what they suck at, Jokes to boost ego, Don’t make jokes with a loser; Play fun physical games; Express yourself with your body.

3. Friendship Sabotages – a. Lack of integrity, so follow through, do what you say and say what you do, either do what you promise or don’t make the promise; b. Manipulating guilt, don’t guilt others and don’t hang out with people that guilt you; c. Inconsiderate, ask self if you’ve done something kind for them, and do something kind daily; d. Values shift, share with friends likes and dislikes, be extremely venerable with friends

4. Spotting a liar – a. Blocking/pacifying behavior; b. “Duping-Delight” they’re trying to suppress a body language tick, namely a smile or laugh; c. They’ll redirect a legit question/dodge it, they’ll add a lot of qualifiers; d. Ask them follow up questions: did you do (blank)? e. They change the order of the story

5. How to never be boring – a. Use a story gap, basically in a tv show when it starts at the climax and goes back in time to earlier before that happened, so that way the audience is hooked; b. Play characters – use gestures and voices like an actor; c. Vocal dynamics – Go from loud to soft, deep to light and enter a conversation higher, then level off; d. Include everyone, eye contact for 4 seconds, use peoples names as much as humanly possible

6. Rick Sanchez – He’s highly competent in a lot of fields, Funny because he’s super honest and specific, He has no fear of confrontation, he protects loved ones/those in his group; Make sure to find an outlet for bad emotions; Share your own struggles from a confident place, remember what’s done is done and have a laugh about it

7. Trump # 1 – uses the phrase “some have said (blank)” allows you to address a group without alienating people; use the double bind in ex: (blank) isn’t a good listener, he wants to ignore the truth; it puts opponents in a no win scenario, if they listen they agree that you’re speaking truth, if they disagree then they aren’t a good listener, this is good in debate settings; he also says a lot of things about his opponents in 3rd person, this dehumanizes his opponents

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