Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Pt. 2

1. How to succeed more often – realize self sabotage is a defense mechanism to keep you comfortable, and all people do it; figure out what your limiting beliefs are, or beliefs that you’re misinformed about

2. Jimmy Fallen – have lots of interests, but don’t reveal everything you’re talented in, keep the focus on the other person. Allow yourself to laugh at yourself and others, but don’t force it. Reward yourself and celebrate the little things.

3. How to build trust – listen attentively, non-judgementally and with empathy; mirror them, in speech and body language.

4. Trump v. Clinton – use specific examples/numbers to prove your point, but realize that specificity doesn’t necessarily equal truth; if you don’t like a question give a brief answer then redirect; use questions as springboards; people judge a winner by the level of conviction; use emotionally gripping stories; use we and you a lot to include groups

5. Stopping negative self talk – treat yourself how you would a best friend, don’t beat yourself up; use another persons voice when you think, ex: think as if will smith was talking to you; if in a negative mindset, give a minute to dwell then come up with solutions

6. Be happier in life – create space for the problem to think about it, ex: journal and meditation; imagine the worst possible outcome and realize it’s not all that bad; remind self this won’t matter in 10, 20 or 100 years

7. Become exceptional – reframe in a positive direction, ex: you lose your job you get a chance to develop self, or can look for a better one; focus on what you can control, take responsibility; don’t get caught up in vanity metrics ex: likes on IG; focus on improvement not results; make it about adding value to others lives;

8. Stop caring about what others think – value own opinion; focus on your own values; take responsibility for things outside your control

9. 3 tricks to beat procrastination – set concrete daily/weekly deadlines;set daily habits of only for 5 minutes; reward yourself when you complete something; pick specific goals ex: do 100 push-ups a day over general desires ex: workout

10. 5 types of charisma – a. Authentic Type: Completely honest, but make sure to not be too blunt b. Self-Assured Type: High Conviction, uses visualization but make sure to not overlook weakness’ c. Empathetic Type: Connects, is non-judgemental and asks questions but can be too quiet d. Energetic type: raises energy level but can lack depth e: funny type: is funny but can be lonely

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