Charisma on Command – The Ultimate Rulebook Part 1

I’ve been watching charisma on command on YouTube for years now, and I’ve learned as much as I can. Charlie has quite literally changed my life. The content on his channel could fill an entire novel or more, however I’m going to attempt to place all the information here: in this one concise guide, so that you may use the information to improve yourself.

1. Be aware of and accept your flaws – self reflection is a good thing, it allows you to improve and be better.

2. Only do the things that you enjoy – are there still things you have to do that you don’t want to like taxes? Sure, but your ultimate goal should always be to enjoy what you’re doing, and you do that by doing things you like. That doesn’t mean never try new things, on the contrary, try as much as possible at least twice, but regularly do things you enjoy doing.

3. Win over powerful people – notice who is literally followed, who is listened to, and who is asked questions of and befriend them. Remove those that resist your goals and remove their ability to do so. Minimize communication between subordinates – use role call, spot checks and territorial boundaries. Reward powerful people if they support you.

4. How to stay motivated – Rely on willpower, not motivation. Set a daily routine and stick to it. Take cold showers. Don’t overwhelm yourself with temptation. Automate meaningless decisions, if it’s a choice between A. And B. Just pick the first choice. Change environment to increase willpower ex: bring a gallon of water to work. Set specific attainable goals. Set reminders to help you out: alarms, friends etc.

5. How to remain confident and not become arrogant – confidence is based on what you have the ability to do learned through past performance, and it’s calm. Be clear on your values and hold everyone to them ex: we’re all people and equal. Praise others, give props for a successful action they’ve done. Only give opinions about things you have success doing/are an expert in. Judge others based on actions, and work to improve your own skills.

6. Ending a conversation – interrupt and interject ex: hey, listen etc. Say what you’re going to do ex: I’m going to leave to do (blank), say the kindest true thing ex: I enjoyed talking to you, end on a positive statement: I hope you have a good day, accept their opinion, if they’re mad that’s not your problem.

7. Pewdiepie – During the beginning of an interaction capture attention with strong emotion, movement, expression or contrast; use callback humor with friends, double down on friends jokes.

8. Instagram/social media is bad – it’s fake, avoid it, stop posting on phone instead try from a computer, if you use it then only share and don’t consume, likes don’t define you they’re only a business metric and a button.

9. 3 ways to increase likeability – Give attention and praise to others especially those less fortunate or who aren’t included in the conversation. Use touch to lead the interaction and commit to it. Ignore negative emotion and allow yourself to feel positive emotion but don’t force it.

10. Leadership Genius – Take up neutral space, and invade the space of others; strong eye contact during important points; call out others for bad behavior/dominant behavior; make rules clear and punish rule breakers; positive reinforce those that accept rules; Nicknames for others; Mirror others actions and especially words; ask self if what I’m doing is right?

11. Show extreme confidence – self amusement mindset: how can I enjoy myself? Put yourself in a position to fail, give self hardest challenges. Go all in on what you’re doing, commit to it and stay present and expect people to watch. Don’t use sarcasm unless you use an over the top tell like an eye roll.

12. Facts beat feelings – Honesty is the most Important thing, it’s more important than even your own principals. If you generalize about other people you’re projecting, so re-evaluate.

13. Dating mistakes – don’t contact person daily: fill your time with productive hobbies and habits. Don’t change schedule for them: set plans, stick to them and invite other person to plans.

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