Ride it – lyric breakdown

This song is fucking annoying and I hate it Everytime it comes on. It sounds like a whiny fucking incel who can’t get laid getting to fuck a chick for the first time and probably last time, the dude is pathetic.

“It’s been about a month and twenty days
And were going ’round and ’round playing silly games”

Damn that girl has got your balls locked up good, lmfao. The rule is sex in 3 dates or less my guy, if she don’t then bounce, because she sees you as a long term provider type, which isn’t a position you wanna be in.

“Now your saying, slow it down, not right now
Then you wink at me and walk away”

She’s a tease bro, just cut contact – if you don’t you’re just wasting time, she knows exactly what she’s doing – she’s testing you for weakness, be strong, especially now that you’ve got a hit song – bang other chicks.

“Now let it be, let it be, let it be known
Hold on, don’t go
Touching and teasing me, telling me no
But this time I need to feel you’re are all alone”

This dudes pitiful as fuck, tell her to fuck off for wasting your time my guy.

(Ride it) just loose control
(Ride it, ride it) come touch my soul
(Ride it, ride it) baby let me feel you
(Ride it) turn the lights down low
(Ride it) from head to toe
(Ride it, ride it) touch my soul
(Ride it, ride it) let me feel you

She ain’t riding nothing, you sound like a whiny pussy making this fucking song and you’re giving her free attention out the ass, get ahold of yourself man.

“was the club on Saturday
Your acting like a diva saying you don’t wanna pay”

Bro, typically chicks don’t wanna pay but you’re right that’s that female entitlement mentality, don’t be the dude that pays for all of her shit, stick up for yourself

“It’s gotta be your feisty style
Raised that brow
I love it when you look at me that way”

Lmfao, this chick is checking your ass for not paying – there’s no way she’s not banging other dudes while making you wait, she’s masculine as fuck with you because you’re acting like a fucking pussy, and you gave in and paid

“Now when you order a Mohita at the bar
Reapplying lippy ’cause it came off from the glass”

Why don’t you worry less about the glass and more about the ass?

”The DJ plays your favorite song
Kanyes on”

That’s probably the other dude she’s banging, he’s at least a fucking man and not a pussy.

“Now your beckoning me to dance
Mm, pulling me, pulling me, pulling me close“

She’s leading the interaction, I guess this dude is into some femdom type shit

“You close your eyes girl
Whispering, telling me we gotta go
Won’t you take me home I wanna go”

Don’t worry, she’s got the strapon for you man

“Everything was right until her phone began to ring
She takes it to the corner, that’s when I start wondering”

You sound like a female wondering what her man is talking about on the phone, it’s a submissive ass frame of mind, stop it

“I can hear her shouting, banging her fist against the door
Yelling “Yo, it’s over, I can’t take it anymore”

Right, that happens, obviously that dude was acting like a pussy so she wanted a real man, it happens; she’ll do the same thing later

“Then I walk away, and acting I want to go chill
I ain’t trying to get caught up in a mess for real”

Smart, just pullback good job

“But she came around and backed me up against the wall
She said I know you heard, but I’ll make you forget it all”

Alright, so you got some chick to fuck you on the rebound, enjoy it like it lasts hotshot. Like I said before she was messing around with some better dude and made you wait – you were one of her spare tires and trust me she has others, you just happened to be the closest one when she got mad at her main dude for some reason. She’s going to be back with him before the months over, or if not she’ll be with a real fucking man who doesn’t let bitches make him wait for sex. Pathetic 0/5

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