Top 15 most powerful characters in the MCU without infinity stones – The Correct Guide

So who are the most powerful beings in the MCU? It’s hard to pin down, but I’m going to try my best. This list will take away all infinity stones, except from one character in particular as they give an incomprehensible edge. There’s a lot of characters to go through so let’s get started –

15. Vision – The one character that gets to keep an infinity stone as its integral to his character, without it he’s unable to exist. His powers include: phasing, a laser blast, a body made of vibranium and computer control abilities. He also has access to the mindstone, which has the ability to control peoples actions, and can make people smarter although he was never shown using the former ability on say Thanos, he was super intelligent, so perhaps he used the later. The mind stone was super underpowered in the series which is a shame. His feats are weak and almost non-existant and aren’t worth mentioning.

14. Hulk – I’m talking about ragnarock hulk, as no other version can compare in sheer strength. He has some wicked feats, including dealing more damage than iron man to thanos in the beginning of infinity war, going to to toe with a pre-awakened Thor in ragnarock defeating the god of deaths dog in ragnarock and dealing some damage to surtur in ragnarock. He destroyed Loki and his army in the battle of New York, the same with ultron. No character on this list was a match with him besides iron mans hulk buster armor until thor in ragnarock, and he held his ground for some time against stronger beings higher on this list. I wish he was treated better in endgame, but nevertheless.

13. Iron Man – I mean avengers endgame iron man, where he was the strongest. He’d made quite a few notable improvements to his armor by that point – most notably the energy shield, and given a do-over of his fight on titan that alone would’ve made a world of difference in him not getting stabbed. He defeated multiple of thanos’ minions, the Incredible Hulk, and pre-hammer captain America. A great character.

12. Captain America – without the power of Thor’s hammer he wouldn’t be on this list, but with it he’s a much stronger version of pre-ragnarock Thor – due to his combat skill, and his shield especially. He would have the exact same feats as that pre-ragnarock Thor except for one thing, he could’ve beaten tony by himself due to the Thor power added and hulk by himself as Thor nearly did it in 2012. He’d be stronger than every enemy up until ragnarock and would’ve done at least as well as ragnarock thor did against Hela – as he seemed to be much more creative with mjilnor than thor ever was.

11. Captain Marvel – there’s two marvel movies I still haven’t watched – the first is ant man and the wasp; the second is captain marvel. That being said just from swing clips from captain marvel online and endgame I can tell she’s powerful as fuck. She took out thanos ship with no issue and held her own against thanos who had to use the power stone to get the upper hand. But at the end of the day thanos trounced Captain America with mjilnor, a weak thor and iron man without an infinity gauntlet, was fighting a plethora of super heroes – outnumbered and outgunned And didn’t even have his sword at that point and still managed to defeat captain marvel, after doing battle with a number of other heroes including Scarlett witch who fared much better, so to me that puts her on the same level as Cap, maybe a bit higher as thanos traded the advantage of 3 on 1 with a sword for 1 vs 1 with captain marvel without a sword and the fights were about even.

10. Thanos – thanos is one of the greatest villains of all time, he’s defeated almost every avenger in combat at least once, granted that was with infinity stones. But he actually did better against some characters without infinity stones and a sword, namely iron man, thor and captain America with mjilnor – which has to be nearly equal to the level of competition he faced on titan, but he didn’t have a single stone. He defeated almost every MCU character a second time unarmed in the battle on endgame, and a lot of the fights weren’t close.

9. Thor – thor is a beast, at least infinity war thor, he beat off the power of all the infinity stones, cut thanos and killed thanos later, three feats not seen before in the MCU. His help defeated Loki with 2 infinity stones and ultron with 1. He single handedly defeated that dark elf with an overpowered reality stone – something his grandfather couldn’t boast. He got some good licks in against Hela and with stormbreaker he very well may have won against both her and surtur – especially with the bifrost at his disposal. Hell he took on more infinity gems than his father did.

8. Scarlett Witch – I put this on here strictly due to her defeat of vision, and thanos – where she absolutely obliterated him so bad he had to airstrike the field: a feat no other character accomplished to that point in that movie. Her real strength is in how much distance her power has and in how fast she can use it. She also has the power to mess with peoples minds, which adds to her arsenal.

7. Hela – the goddess of death, there’s not much to say. She defeated thor in ragnarock, was possibly one of the only beings capable of stopping thanos, took the power of Odin to keep at bay, and held her own against a fully powered surtur. She defeated the entire armies of Asgard and the Valkyrie and her power would’ve just kept growing the longer she was on Asgard.

6. Surtur – he destroyed Hela, and an entire planet of Asgard, and if the tesertact were still on the planet it’s made clear by thor he could’ve destroyed that too. The only loss we know he’s taken was to Odin at full power, and even that was a close fight.

5. The ancient one – she’s very powerful – in fact any sorcer Supreme would’ve made this list, but we only have the feats of two. She’s equal to a base doctor strange, someone who was able to keep dormamu at bay, was near immortal, and defeated countless enemies. The position of sorcerer Supreme is so powerful it’s entrusted to keep the most powerful infinity stone protected.

4. Ego – the man can destroy entire planets, not just one like surtur can but multiple planets in multiple galaxies. He’s nearly immortal and can manipulate an entire planet at will – or more if he gets ahold of them. It took the power of another celestial and multiple avengers to destroy him, and that was when he wasn’t at max capacity, if he had more planets under his control he could’ve had more lives – kind of like Voldemort’s horcruxes in Harry potter.

3. Doctor Strange – This man is overpowered. Granted he had a time stone, but he took on dormamu to – stalemate – someone who is basically omnipotent. He took on the full power of four infinity stones by himself – unlike thor who just blindside thanos. The only reason he lost to thanos is because it was required to get the outcome he needed. His only major loss was to ebony maw, which is bad, however he did get caught in the middle of trying to use the timestone so he was unprepared. He also didn’t use any of the extent of his powers in the middle of the city that he later used on thanos.

2. Odin – this man defeated the frost giants with an infinity stone, conquered most of the nine realms, defeated Surtur, Hela and didn’t have a single loss in the entire series. The man stripped the power of thor, and has the ability to bestow it at will. Odin was the only thing keeping thanos from starting on his quest to invade Asgard for the tesseract, and his absence allowed thanos the ability to create the infinity gauntlet and most of his weapons.

1. Dormamu – he defeated Dr. Strange with the timestone millions or billions of times until he got frusturated. It’s stated his power from the dark dimension is near unlimited and his power bestowed gave multiple characters the power to be nearly equal to base level Dr. Strange and the ancient one. It was the ancient one drawing on his power that made her as strong as she was in the first place. The creature swallowed whole dimensions, not just galaxies or universes like ego did with planets but he has the power equal to the infinity gauntlet in all of them, damn unstoppable and will probably come back to play in the future now the timestone is gone.

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