Top 5 martial arts for self defense

1. BJJ – Brazilian ju-jitsu is a classic martial art, and the best in the world. It’s dominant in the ufc for a reason. Some may argue it’s not good against more than one opponent, but then is anything really besides running? It’s good for legally subduing a criminal, without you getting in trouble. It’s the best

2. Judo – this is the perfect martial art for those of you who go up against a bigger opponent, it’s a great defensive technique. Most fight go to the ground anyway, so why not be the one to get it to the ground?

3. Muay Thai – badass. That’s the word, you ever seen those kids who train Muay Thai for years, they can knockout anyone. Kicking is more powerful than punching due to the size of the leg muscle, so why not kick. And the good thing is Muay Thai teaches plenty of striking too.

4. Wrestling – something taught in all of our schools for a reason, wrestling is about ground control, plain and simple. it’s one of the most successful styles in the ufc for a reason, and it’s even at the olympics.

5. Boxing – an American classic, you can’t go wrong with some striking. The good thing about boxing is there’s a low enough learning curb that it only takes a few months to get competent at it. And if you’ve ever seen some old boxers, like mike Tyson they can still knock a hole through a piece of steel, so it never goes away.

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