“The Stage Is Set” – a short story

The stage was set, the lights were bright but this was all in my head. I’m laying on my bed, trying to wake up: thinking about the show I have to do, now only a few hours away. I’ve practiced daily now for months but I can’t shake off the nerves.

I get up and head down to the breakfast table, my mom has made fresh pancakes with syrup. I grab a flapjack and take a seat. My dad is staring at his phone. There’s a glass of orange juice near my plate and I take a swig.

“You need to eat something, if you want to do good later, honey” my mom says. I look down “yeah I know.” I say with a pout and grab my fork. I cut into the pancake and take a few bites before calling it quits to take a shower and ready myself for the day.

After getting ready I take a look in the mirror, a knight costume stares back at me with an emerald colored sword hilt. A fake beard is glued on my childish frame and a hood covers my black hair. I try to suppress a smile.

The car ride is quiet. We hit what seems to be every res light in our small town on the way. During the drive I notice some birds chirping out in the blue skies. There are large puffy silver clouds. As we get closer to the theater the number of cars increase.

My parents and I split up, they go through the main door and I go around the brick building to the back entrance. I knock on the door and I’m ushered in by my instructor – a rather fat man with silver hair with a scowl “hurry, it’s nearly time to start.”

I see a line of my classmates ahead of me, they’re all talking in small groups. I walk up to one and listen in to conversation. The group has a Knight with an sapphire colored hilt and a knight with a ruby colored hilt – my co-leads. They’re talking with a girl in a pink dress.

I lose myself in the conversation, and before I notice it the instructor enters the room “alright, boys and girls line up single file, it’s time to begin.”

We make a single file line on the shiny black floor, red curtains ahead. I’m fifth in line, behind the two other knights, the princess and a white dragon, with a large cardboard flame coming out of its snout.

We walk out onto the main platform, the lights blind me, I look around but I can’t seem to find my parents in the audience. My instructor is at the head, and when everyone is lined up he speaks “Before we begin I’d like to ask everyone to give these youngsters a round of applause.”

There’s a loud cheering. I feel a few drops of sweat run down the sides of my face. “For those of you who don’t know this is the story of three knights, a dragon and a princess, who meet a lot of characters along the way.” He pauses “These boys and girls have worked very hard, so I expect you’ll give them your upmost attention, and please enjoy the show.” He says as the applause goes again and the curtain closes.

“Alright everyone please get into position.” The instructor says. I gulp. There are cardboard cutouts that are ushered out behind me. I stumble into position. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. The curtains begin to open. I open my eyes. The stage is set. I begin to speak.

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