Girls have a massive advantage in social dynamics over guys

How much more adept are girls in the game of social dynamics than guys? The simple answer is a lot, and we have biology to thank for that.

It seems like no matter how good a dude gets socially, he’ll always be at a disadvantage. Girls when they’re little are more social then guys, they receive more social support from others, get more advice in the media from magazines to blogs, that it puts guys at a massive disadvantage. You combine that with thousands of years of evolutionary biology encoded in their dna, where women – who were physically weaker had to be stronger in social dynamics to survive. It’s unfair.

There’s a lot of guys who are socially inept until adulthood, a very large percentage of guys, much higher than girls, so by the time they do start to progress socially they’re already massively behind, and get eaten alive in the world. With this lack of experience they end up in bad spots in life and their anti-social tendencies increase, and this negative spiral worsens, until they’re so far behind they can’t catch up.

These dudes are grown men, but they’re like little leaguers and they need to get some at bats in, or they’ll never make it to the major leagues. So to them I say go out there, get a few at bats in and I’ll see you in the majors. Play ball.

Published by Chad Thunder Cock

Chad thundercock is an alpha male with big dick energy. He's the coolest guy you'll ever meet.

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