Top 5: European languages to learn

1. Portuguese – a growing language that may become the next Spanish, growing especially in Latin America and Africa, this is the perfect language for anyone to learn, it’s really similar to spainish and great for any native English speaker.

2. Spainish – one of the major languages at the UN and this ain’t for nothing, this is one of the largest languages already by total speakers and is only expected to rise.

3. French – French is a beautiful language, it’s the second easiest language for an English speaker to learn in my opinion, it’s great if you plan to ever visit France or Canada. It’s the favorite language I’ve ever learned, it’s excellent.

4. German – German is the easiest language for me as an English speaker to learn, first the sentence structure is the same as English and for me it clicked super quick. Germany is a beautiful country with a great history.

5. Russian – one of the major UN languages, while not expected to grow much is still super influential from the days when it was part of the Soviet Union. Beware it’s rather complicated for an English speaker to learn, but it’s a great accomplishment and there’s a lot of job prospects for you.

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