How to house train your homosexual

So you’ve recently run into a shady man in a backstreet and he’s agreed to sell you a homosexual? Congratulations, it’ll be fun, except for the fact that you’ll need to Housetrain them. It sounds like a complicated process but there are only 5 major steps, let’s begin:

1. Make sure you give positive reinforcement – if your homosexual uses the potty in the right spot say “who’s a good homosexual” and reward zim with a fabulous rainbow bone.

2. Punish the bad behavior, severely and quickly. If they use the potty at the wrong spot you want to punish them really, really hard and let them know they’ve been really really naughty, but like no homo, ya know.

3. Make sure you give zim a collar of some kind to let them know you own them. I’d personally get a rainbow one with dicks and boobs as pictures on the collar myself, and this can give you an opportunity to take your homosexual for a walk.

4. You want to make sure you get your homosexual fixed, if they somehow accidentally have sex with a heterosexual it’ll be the end of the world and we can’t have that.

5. Name your homosexual, zhe’ll respond pretty well to the commands you give zim if Zhey has a name. Try to choose something fabulous like fab short for fabulous. Plus when you go up to strangers and they want to pet your homosexual they’ll now have a name for your homosexual so that’s good.

Congratulations you’ve now house trained your homosexual, enjoy zim because zhey are friendly creatures, they’re called a heterosexuals best friend for a reason. Lmfao

Published by Chad Thunder Cock

Chad thundercock is an alpha male with big dick energy. He's the coolest guy you'll ever meet.

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