A quick thought on Bill O’Brien

Y’all could’ve still signed Randall Cobb if you kept deandre Hopkins. Due to all the trading you guys have taken more cap on.

hell, if you really wanted an overpaid receiver like cooks you could’ve still had him without giving up deandre Hopkins also.

You could have this as a roster: Hopkins/Cooks/Fuller/Stills/Cobb as receivers.

But that’s too much of the cap! You say, the Texans spending $43 million on receivers/over 20% of the cap; in this instance; well too bad because that’s the exact same figure as if they are spending now including an injury prone David Johnson. Does anyone really think David Johnson is worth more than Deandre Hopkins.

Let’s say you want to cut the cap down a bit? Let’s make some trades: Goodbye Kenny stills, Goodbye Cooks and hello L’eveon Bell, take that 2nd you got from the Rams, package it up with another pick and there you go, two receivers and a few picks

Guess what? Deshaun Watson is due for a pay raise soon, and that’ll eat the last of the cap. So right now the players you have are going to get stuck on the roster, and BOB will have no flexibility. Stuck in cap and draft pick hell due to his bad decisions.

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