The Charging Rams: combining 2 NFL teams and expanding the league a hypothetical opinion scenario

Two LA football teams won’t work, not just because the chargers aren’t popular, but because the rams aren’t popular enough for the size of the city. Football just isn’t popular in LA and the league doesn’t like that – that’s a lot of potential revenue they’re loosing out on. Instead in my hypothetical opinion what they’ll do is combine the two LA teams into one – The Charging Rams.

Firstly the league will need to expand greatly – to 36 teams to keep things even. That means adding 5 new teams, but where should they be? Firstly I wanted Toronto to be a city, but I still think it’s premature to put a team overseas, so perhaps the bills could do like the jags and play a couple of games a year across the border and the Seahawks can do the same: 1 game in Vancouver and 1 game in Alaska.

Secondly I wanted to put some teams in places like St. Louis but honestly I think the XFL should fill that role – they should become the NFL Minor League; you can either go to college or sign a two year contract with the XFL and option to renew after two more years. At the end of the contract you are entered in the NFL draft and the XFL players get their own segment of the NFL combine.

The XFL would expand to 12 teams; one in Norfolk, Columbus, Orlando (where the pro bowl is currently played) and Omaha. The pro bowl would be moved to Hawaii again, but that’s a different convo.

Here’s the five teams I’ve picked: San Antonio to compete with Dallas and Houston. They get to play two neutral games inMexico City.

Salt Lake City: they’d rival perfectly well with Denver and los Vegas and would replace the chargers in the division.

Portland: Sponsored by Nike can – like the Seahawks – play 1 game in Vancouver and 1 game in Alaska; perhaps both against the Seahawks?

Sacramento – this is the new expansion team to balance out the California market since the raiders have left. They’ll cover Northern California.

Montreal – that’s right 3 nfl stadiums in Canada? Yup and one of them an nfl team. Take the CFL and incorporate it as an nfl minor league like the XFL with the same setup. They’ll play the bills twice every year.

Back to the Charging Rams: The new team will have to get under salary cap, so here come some cuts to their spending. The rule is a they can either cut anyone without it turning to dead cap – goodbye Jared Goff but won’t get compensatory picks or they can turn it to dead cap and receive compensatory picks. Here’s their roster:

QB: Need

RB: Austin Ekeler

Wr: Cooper Kupp, Josh Reynolds, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams,

Te: Hunter Henry

OT: Andrew Whitworth, Rob Havenstein

OG: Bryan Baluga, Trai Turner

C: Mike Pouncey

DL: Aaron Donald, Micheal Brockers, Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram

LB: Need

CB: Jaylen Ramsey, Chris Harris Jr. Casey Hayward Jr. Desmond King

S: John Johnson 3, Derwin James

Adios: Jared Goff, Brandin Cooks,

This team needs a to trade everything for joe burrow in the draft, they also need a linebacker of some kind, because they can play 4-3 nickel and dime every play with the quality of their secondary, so trade for a Pass Rushing Linebacker – I’d say for someone like von Miller, that would allow a safety to drop in the box and Either Melvin Ingram to drop in coverage or your team to rush five with Donald, Miller, Ingram, bosa (four all pro rushers) and Micheal Brockers. Don’t think miller is a realistic trade? Jared Goff, Brandin Cooks and à few picks and Denver would take that all day.

So the league has changed and a great team has been formed, probably over the cap filling Roster spots and drafting joe burrow, but they’ll pay that tax so they can win the Super Bowl, which with 7-9 pro bowl caliber players on defense (3 hall of fame locks), and 4-6 pro bowl caliber players on offense (1 hall of fame lock) that’s a super bowl winner if I’ve ever seen one.

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