How to be more likeable

1. What is one way to be likeable? Ask open ended questions.

2. Don’t block the other person or put up a barrier between you with objects, if you’re holding something bring it to your side.

3. Be completely honest to the other person and genuine with who you are. Honesty is the most important thing you can have, cherish it.

4. Completely non-judgmental; you don’t know the struffles that person is dealing with, so don’t act like you can judge why they did what they did. Recognize that you’d do the same thing if you were them.

5. Dont attention seek. Do you like this article?

6. Focus your attention completely on the other person. That means active listening and responding.

7. Praise the help of others – thanks to my mom for editing an article of mine once.

8. Good body language – strong eye contact between eyes and forehead. Open body language, shoulders back, lean in toward person

9. Strong first impression – good posture, strong eye contact, firm handshake, smile, open shoulders

10. Reader, say the other persons name, Reader, as much as possible, Reader, because, Reader, it keeps the Reader invested, Reader… okay maybe not that much but still quite a bit Reader.

11. 🙂 An occasional smile is good, maybe at the start of a conversation. Too much is bad, don’t smile too much.

12. Show venerability occasionally through stories. For example; talk about that embarrassing time your mom walked in on you having sex with your neighbor Emma and it scared you so much it ruined your orgasm all over her left shin, and you had blue balls for a few days all because your mom doesn’t know how to knock. Ugh

13. Touch the person – I don’t mean creepily touch their knee as you walk past, that’s a sexual harassment charge. I mean a high five/fist bump. A handshake. A shoulder touch/arm touch/hug. Then check how they respond, if it’s bad then don’t touch them again.

14. Do stuff you like and enthusiastically talk about stuff you like, for example If you like buying hookers you could talk about buying hookers, the thrill of breaking the law as you break her… okay, maybe not that, but talk about topics you’re passionate about, and if people respond positively then continue, if not then drop it.

That’s it, 14 ways to be more likeable

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