Controversial Opinion – old guys dating 18-20 year old girls is alright

It’s alright for old people to date 18-20 year old girls

I don’t care that the law is on their side – as far as my argument is concerned, laws can be super arbitrary, so that’s not the argument.

I’m going to make two separate arguments
A. That the morality counter argument is dumb
B. It’s about the innate freedom he as a human being has to stick his prick wherever he wants

First – I’m going to argue with the presumption that morality is completely subjective and relative. In that case it’s only your opinion that what this man is doing is bad, and not fact. For thousands of years – since the dawn of human civilization girls 18 were married off to older men – men who had accrued wealth and power within their tribe. It was okay then because it benefited society, as a mutually free transaction and my next point will show why it’s okay now

Second – freedom, people should have the freedom to stick their genitals wherever they want – within the bounds of the law. An 18 year old is much hotter than a 30 year old or a 50 year old especially. Youth and physical beauty are more prevalent in the early years of life 18-30 for a woman so why would a guy who wants sex, not want that? I know, I know, “experiance”. But the thing is Experiance can be learned with practice, but what can’t be learned is a completely clean bill of health and no baggage (ie. Kids, relationship trauma)

It’s a good and positive thing, so old people go out there and help our country via education.

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