fanfic – The powerful avengers # 000 prologue

Thor displeases Odin early and thrown back in time to the 1930’s and gets taken in by the starks.

Without any powers he learns with Howard stark as a brother and due to his god level intelligence becomes even smarter than Howard was and at least on par with tony.

Due to his connection to stark he gets the super soldier serum which amplifies his power even more and a vibranum shield.

He succeeds in saving the world but uses his new intellect to come to the realization that he can just jump out of the airplane which he does and he’s found by Howard stark/some rescue workers clutching the tesseract.

Still without the knowledge of where his hammer is – he forms shield with Peggy to protect the humans. On a mission he gets captured by hydra and experimented upon and his right arm cut off. He’s given another hydra super serum and a vibranum arm

Tony’s parents are killed by Thor and he hates and wants to kill super Thor. He joins the airforce and works with Rhodes. He becomes the experiment of a program using gamma radiation. He gains hulk powers. He goes to hank pym to try and help him fix the hulk and gains antman powers.

Hawkeye is killed by bad Thor, and so agent Romanov wants revenge and goes to shield and joins the weapon x program and gains Scarlett witch powers.

Rhodes joins shields weapon x program after being passed over for tony in the airforce. He gains quicksilver powers.

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