Demi lovoto – I love me lyrics

“Flippin’ through all these magazines
Tellin’ me who I’m supposed to be”

I don’t understand why people read magazines in the first place? That sounds like your first mistake Demi. To me Its a total waste of time, and hell I get insecure – I deal with it myself. Just know everyone is insecure about something, even those people you’re “supposed to be” that live in magazines.

“Way too good at camouflage
Can’t see what I am, I just see what I’m not
I’m guilty ’bout everything that I eat (Every single day)
Feelin’ myself is a felony
Jedi level sabotage
Voices in my head make up my entourage”

I like this bar. She’s trying to change herself to be more like her idealized self. She’s trying to diet and feels guilty about eating bad. Demi, it’s okay to occasionally eat a bad meal or two; just make sure the majority of what you eat is healthy and nutritious and you’ll be okay.

“Cause I’m a black belt when I’m beating up on myself
But I’m an expert at giving love to somebody else”

I relate hard to this line. The issue is people are unbiased when assessing others when compared to themselves, it’s the reason people can tell when someone likes another person but not when someone likes them.

“why do I compare myself to everyone?
And I always got my finger on the self-destruct
I wonder when I love me is enough (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I wonder when I love me is enough (Yeah, yeah, yeah)”

I love me isn’t enough, that’s the issue. Our brain doesn’t process words the same way as actions. it’s better to show ourself love through self care, and self respect and putting ourselves first.

“Why am I always looking for a ride or die?
‘Cause mine’s the only heart I’m gonna have for life”

Because media portrays “the one” as something that will happen. There is no one. Nothing is meant to be. It’s on you to find a person who you enjoy being around and happen to click with and who feels the same way about you. Take initiative because your time is limited.

“After all the times I went and fucked it up
(All the times I went and fucked it up)”

Everyone fucks shit up. You were doing the best you could with the situation in life you had at that time.

“Haters that live on the internet (On the internet)
Live in my head, should be paying rent
I’m way to good at listening (Listening)
All these comments fucking up my energy (Energy)”

Ignore them. Don’t check social media. Tuneit out. Negative comments fuck up your psyche, so don’t listen to them.

“I’m my own worst critic
Talk a whole lot of shit”

Everyone has an inner critic. Just thank them for their advice and tell them you’ve got it from here. Simple.

“But I’m a ten out of ten
Even when I forget
I, I, I, I (I’m a ten out of ten, don’t you ever forget it)”

Getting a little pushy there Demi? Chill.

Overall I like the song, it’s good 7/10

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