Breaking News!!! Justin Bieber’s “intentions” Is a lot deeper than we thought

I have a theory after reading the lyrics that Justin Bieber’s intentions is complex. On the surface it may sound like a crappy love song to his wife, but actually he’s cheating on her – it’s in reality about his love for a velociraptor – let’s break it down.

“Picture-perfect, you don’t need no filter
Gorgeous, make ’em drop dead, you a killer”

Velociraptors make their enemies literally drop dead, and he called this one a killer, and when he says picture perfect he’s referring to a Picture perfect kill.

“Shower you with all my attention
Yeah, these are my only intentions”

He’s giving the raptor all of his attention so he can use it to take over the world Jurassic world military guy style.

“Stay in the kitchen, cooking up, cut your own bread
Heart full of equity, you’re an asset”

This is where he keeps his raptor!!! He’s trained it to help him cook bread, and the raptor uses her claws to cut the aforementioned bread. This is why she’s an asset.

“Make sure that you don’t need no mentions”

He’s trying to keep his velociraptor love quiet, so he doesn’t get divorced, and so the dumb peasants don’t want raptors for themselves

”Sout to your mom and dad for making you, they did a great job raising you.”

So she’s a fully grown raptor, good context

“When I create, you’re my muse
The kind of smile that makes the news”

He’s trying to tell us that she has a razor sharp toothy smile

“Can’t nobody throw shade on your name in these streets. Triple threat, you a boss, you a bae, you a beast”

Nobody would want to throw shade on a raptor, because they don’t want to die. Also he literally said a beast, that definitely means a raptor

“You make it easy to choose
You got a mean touch I can’t refuse (no, I can’t refuse it)”

I think he’s being held hostage, if he doesn’t love her she’ll kill him with her mean touch aka. Claws, so he chooses to stay to not die aka. An easy choice. Someone send him help!!!

“Already passed, you don’t need no approval
Good everywhere, don’t worry ’bout no refusal”

Nobody would refuse a raptor so she could go anywhere she wants. Just think if a raptor showed up to a strip club do you think a bouncer would say no? That’s right he’d be too busy running away screaming

“Second to none, you got the upper hand now
Don’t need a sponsor, no, you’re the brand now”

She’s the brand what does that mean?

“my rock, my Colorado”

Colorado is a state not a rock this may break the theory but

“Got that ring, just like Toronto”

What’s Toronto’s logo? A velociraptor?!?!?! this confirms it definitely. It all makes sense now! Justin Bieber is married to a velociraptor, how she’s a rock, because dinosaurs are buried under rocks now, she’s got the upper hand because she can eat you, she’s the brand or logo of an nba team.

“Love you now, a little more tomorrow
That’s how I feel
Act like you know”

So she’s an insecure velociraptor, I guess she’s worried he’ll replace her with a T-Rex as I’ve heard he’s into bigger girls

See I told you totally a raptor he’s hiding

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