A cheap and healthy diet for you frugal people

Long ago I made what I consider to be the perfect diet, but it was pricey – around $80 a week, I’m going to cut that down while still staying healthy – let’s get into it:

1. 6lbs of pinto beans per week $5; 12 oz per day, this may seem like a lot and it is, but you’re going to split it into two meals a breakfast at 8 am and a dinner at 8 Pm. It’s going to be combined with

2. 6 lbs of brown rice per week $5; 12 oz per day, again divide it up into two meals – breakfast and dinner

3. Wheat flour tortillas $6 for 14; use 2 per day, we’re making turkey tacos as the staple of this diet so we need the two aforementioned beans and rice and next

4. Walmart spring and organic mix 5 lbs $6; use a quarter pound for breakfast and a quarter for dinner to put on your turkey tacos, you’ll also need

5. Ground turkey 2.5 lbs for for $10 you’ll need to divide this up into 14 portions – 1 for each turkey taco morning and night per week

6. Baked sweet potato ($4 for 7) – take this with you for lunch, it’ll be a good meal

7. With it you’ll need a ($6 a week) gallon of water per day to drink at work

8. Also drink a quart of milk ($3 a week) per day

9. To wash down your half a jar of PB ($5 a week)

That’s everything

$50 and that’s not even calculating the savings if you buy in bulk to fill all of your caloric needs sounds pretty good.

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