So you can’t sleep? Here’s 5 ways you can change that

Disclaimer: I’m no medical expert, just a guy with a passion for learning who is sharing his own personal opinion, it’s your choice to do whatever you want. It’s just a laymen’s opinion!!!

It’s 5 am and I’ve got 0 sleep, for whatever reason tonight my brain was just too active to sleep, but perhaps if I’d done these things I would’ve been able to and I wouldn’t be making this blog post right now.

1. Herbal sleepy time tea/jet asleep – I’m going to include both under this point as they are both things you ingest that are supposed to help you sleep.

2. Listening to a documentary or some music – I decided to throw both of those under this point, your whole goal in falling asleep is to relax, and music works wonders for that – and a documentary will probably bore you to sleep

3. Reading a book – a few pages will relax your mind and help you chill out a bit, especially fantasy books like Harry Potter. Bonus points for using an audio book as it covers both point 2 and this point.

4. Meditate and stretch – sometimes you’re just a bit too tense – both mentally and physically, if that’s the case you should try mediating on your breathing for 10 minutes and can try stretching also.

5. Food – is a good way to lower your blood sugar which will relax you quite a bit, so if you’d like to relax and sleep grab a cookie and a glass of warm milk.

6. Bonus: Masturbate – I’m not in favor of you becoming a chronic masturbator, so this should only be a last resort but luckily there are a lot of chemicals that get released when you orgasm that make you tired, so here’s to those.

That’s my entire list of things to use to try and help you fall asleep like super quick; leave a like and give me your thoughts. Is there something major I missed?

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