Cher Lloyd’s I want you back: a dive into the dark side of female nature – a lyric breakdown

The other day after a workout I was driving down the road in my 94’ GT listening to the pop charts the sun in my eyes when all of the sudden I hear a song come on that I haven’t heard in at least u years – it was Cher Lloyd’s “I want u back”.

The time I last heard It I was 13 or so and never really thought too hard or deeply about what I was listening to – as one does at that age – the thought never crossed my mind that “this is actually really telling about how girls behave, and I can learn a great deal from this.”

I know this review is around 8 years too late, but better late than never because I firmly believe this is something that should be shown to our young boys often so they know how females act, so here are the lyrics and my thoughts –

“Hey, boy you never had much game
Thought I needed to upgrade
So I went and walked away way way”

First, the guy got her to date him somehow, and if as she says it wasn’t his game (which is why she left) he must’ve either had a big social circle, a lot of money or was super good looking (in which case she probably wouldn’t have “upgraded” but instead would’ve kept fucking him on the side) so he was either rich or had a big social circle, but I guess not rich enough to compensate for his lack of game – so hypergamy came into play.

“Now, I see you’ve been hanging out
With that other girl in town
Looking like a pair of clowns clowns clowns”

Good for the guy in question, he played it right – he pulled back and started messing around with another girl and Cher is getting jealous but trying to play it off. Hell he got her so jealous she wrote a whole song so that’s something.

“Remember all the things that you and I did first?
And now you’re doing them with her
Remember all the things that you and I did first?
You got me, got me like this”

We all know she’s talking about him fucking another girl; Cher lost her virginity to the guy who probably wasn’t a Virgin at the time, but thinks that he was the “one” for her so it was “special”. Men I want you to remember girls are slathered in oneitis and she’s got it for this dude hard.

“And now you’re taking her to every restaurant
And everywhere we went, come on!”

This is directed at her, I know this is eight years old but she needs to go to new places, if you’re both ending up at the same restaurants and places (the plural form denotes multiples of each) there are three scenarios: either A they live in a town so small there’s only like two places to eat and one stoplight B she’s stalking him or C a bit of both. Take your pick.

“Boy you can say anything you want
I don’t give a shh, no one else can have ya
I want you back”

In the words of AMS “this chick will be sucking a whole lotta dick”

“I broke it off thinking you’d be cryin’
Now I feel like shh looking at you flyin’”

Is he a pilot? Or what I think is he’s got a lot better of a style and he has improved a bit in the looks department enough to that he’s more attractive to her. Take that as a lesson gents, if your girl pulls back work on your style and start dating other girls.

“Please, this ain’t even jealousy
She ain’t got a thing on me
Tryin’ to rock them ugly jeans jeans jeans”

I don’t think he cares about the kind of jeans the other girl is rocking, I think he cares more about when she’s not rocking them if you get my drift.

“You clearly didn’t think this through
If what I’ve been told is true
You’ll be crawling back like boo hoo hoo”

Like he’ll be crying and begging her back? Like making a whole song begging her back that turns into a massive hit? If what I’ve been told is true you’re projecting.

“Ooh, I thought you’d still be mine
When I kissed you goodbye”

Remember these females think you’ll stick around like a good little boy and wait for them to get done being dicked down. My advice – don’t

“you might be with her But I still had you first”

Keep telling yourself that

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