6 day push/pull/leg routine – day 6 – Pull B

1. Rowing machine – 2 x 8 get a grip as wide as possible, and pause when the bar hits your chest, your goal is to hit 8 reps then add 10 lbs and reset to 5 reps, then add a rep every week to 8

2. Pull-ups – 2 x max – you should pause at the top and the bottom of each set, if you happen to get above 15 then add weight increments of 5 lbs until you drop below 15 reps; every time you hit 15 reps then add 5 lbs

3. Lateral Pulldown Machine underhand grip – 2 x 8 – go as wide as possible on the grip and pause when the bar gets below your chin; every time you hit 8 reps reset to 5 and add 10 lbs; each week add 1 rep

4. Preacher Curls – 2 x 8 – your goal is to get as much of your arm on the machine as possible – so put your armpits on the slope and pause at both the top and bottom of the rep. Each week add 1 rep to your sets and when you hit 8 reps reset to 4 reps and add 2.5 lbs to each side

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