6 day push/pull/leg routine – day 4 – Push B

1. Overhead barbell press – 3 x 5 your goal is to get to five reps on each set and then add 5 lbs to each side and drop to 3 reps, each week you add a rep to the first set and then the next week add reps to the next two sets and alternate. Remember to pause at the top.

2. Close grip barbell bench press – 3 x 8 we’re going to use the power rack for this, that way the bar can rest above you and you can push it straight up. Remember to grip the barbell close together.

3. Rear Delt cable raise – 2 x 8 pause at full extension, your goal is to go slow with this excercise, add a rep on the first set the first week and a rep on the second the next, repeat until you have eight reps per set. Add 10 lbs once you get to eight reps.

4. Diamond push ups – 3 x max – use your knees if you have to, each week try to add 1 rep to your max per set on all three sets; eventually try to get to where you can do it off your knees

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