6 day push/pull/legs routine, part 3 pull A

1. Barbell row – 2 x 12 – your goal is to get your reps to 12 and then add 5 lbs and drop back down to 8 reps then go back to 12 and repeat. Always stay above 45 degrees.

2. Chin ups – 2 x max, pause at the top and the bottom of each rep. After each set immediately drop and do curls with a band the same count as the number of chin-ups.

3. DB Curls – 2 x 8 pause halfway on each rep, pause at the top of the rep, pause halfway back down and pause on the bottom of each rep for a full rep, your goal is to get to 8 reps then drop down to 5 and add 5 lbs.

4. Lateral pull down machine – 2 x 8 – go as wide as possible on the grip, pause at the bottom. Each week add 1 rep to 8 and then add 10 lbs and drop to 5 reps

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