6 day push/pull/legs routine, part 2 Legs A

1. Barbell back squat – 3 x 5 – your goal is to get to 5 reps and then add 5 lbs to each side and drop down to 3 reps. There are a lot of Squat techniques, more so than I’m going to go into here, my one rule is always break parallel

2. Trap bar Deadlift – 3 x 5 – I prefer trap bar deadlifts due to how little they impact the back. The rep progression is the same with squats

3. Sitting Leg Curl – 2 x 12 – I prefer to do hamstrings as an accessory to the major lifts of squat and deadlifts, and sitting leg curls are a quick and easy lift to do. The rep progression is this: each week add 1 rep until you get to 12, then add 10 lbs and reset to 9 or 8 and repeat. Also remember to pause at full extension.

4. Sitting calf raise – 2 x 20 – remember to pause at the top of each rep to get that full calf burn. I always try and hold my hands either behind me to prevent them from influencing my or on top of the weight to provide resistance

4. Sitting calf raises – 2 x

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