6 day push/pull/legs routine, part 1 push A

1. Push A –

Barbell bench press paused 3×5 – you pause for 1 second on your chest, each week you add reps until you get to five then you add five pounds and reset to 3 reps. For example you’re benching 175 lbs at 3 reps, 2 reps and 2 reps the next week you’d do 3 reps, 3 reps and 3 reps and then 4,3,3 and 4,4,4 until you get to 5,5,5. Once you hit 5,5,5 you add 5 lbs on each side of the bench and that should drop your reps back to 3,2,2. Rinse and repeat. You should progress 10 lbs every 6 weeks.

Incline BB press paused, 3×5 – the same way as the previous bench press just with an incline

Tricep press away Pause 2×12 – your goal is to get to 12 reps then go up 10 lbs on weight, the same way you did the first bench press, pause at full extension

Tricep press down Pause 2×12 – same thing, pause at full extension

Cheat Lateral/DB push press 2 x max use a cable machine to do Lateral raises and pause at top of Lateral raise, immediately drop to a db push press after your set ends, the weight and the reps should be the same on both, remember to pause at maximum extension on both, you should aim to get to 12 reps before you bump the weight up again

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