My simple daily routine to better my life

  1. ⁠6:30 wake up
  2. ⁠Dream journal
  3. ⁠Coffee, motivational video, lemon water, green tea, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, vitimans (omega 3, and a multivitamin)
  4. ⁠Meditate 15 min
  5. ⁠Yoga 15 min
  6. ⁠Breakfast while learning; charisma on command, fantasy audiobook chapter, udemy (all audio learning); I do this while I play a chess game while things are cooking, clean room while things are cooking, laundry, dishes, any and all cleaning
  7. ⁠Full body workout/mma alternate days; everyday do some cardio, alternate running and cycling for 20 minutes at the end of each session
  8. ⁠Journal 1 page + 5 things grateful for, 5 things I like, 5 things I dislike and 5 positives (1 page)
  9. ⁠Learning 1 daily language for an hour (Duolingo, 1 video, 1 song, review terms) Portuguese, French, German and Russian alternate (no days off)
  10. ⁠Work on my purpose – I work on my book until work – usually an hour or so
  11. ⁠Work on a blog article at lunch
  12. ⁠Chill for 30 min after work
  13. ⁠Make a YouTube video on off days, take guitar lessons on off days, take improv on off days, by off days I mean days I’m not working
  14. Take Cold showers – they were my resolution everyday for 2020 and I still haven’t completed that goal but I will at some point

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Chad thundercock is an alpha male with big dick energy. He's the coolest guy you'll ever meet.

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