Why dick size is everything

No one wants to date someone with a dick less than 12 inches.

Think about it? If 12 inches wasn’t the perfect dick size, Why are rulers 12 inches?

12 inch rulers are the same size as subway foot longs which are shaped like dicks.

Something else similar to a subway and shaped like a dick is a train.

You know what else is a train? When a girl gets fucked by a bunch of guys dicks.

Getting fucked by dicks can be gay, so #no homo.

Homo has 4 letters, the same number as dick.

And there’s usually 3 things in a bunch.

3×4 is 12 which is the same number of inches as is in some dildos.

What are dildos? Something to be exactly like dicks.

And if dildos are supposed to be the perfect dicks, and some dildos are 12 inches, then dicks should ideally be 12 inches.

Checkmate small dicked people.

Published by Chad Thunder Cock

Chad thundercock is an alpha male with big dick energy. He's the coolest guy you'll ever meet.

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