Eminem “songs to be murdered by” doesn’t kill it, but you should still check it out anyway

Here’s my review 6/10 – it’s a decent album with a few good songs that I’ll play on repeat. I liked listening to the album as an Eminem fan, and if you like Eminem after The Eminem Show you’ll probably like this. It gave me a mmlp2 vibe with recovery lyrics on modern beats and a relapse style cover.

Here’s my thoughts on each track:

1. Premonition (Intro) – I like the intro 6/10 good way to start an album, catchy, good rhymes and a decent listen. I like that Eminem starts with an intro on his albums and I like this intro.

2. Unacommidating – I like the hook and Eminem after the 2:00 Mark, I dislike Young Ma’s verse as it gave me a headache. It’s a kamikaze style track with a more song format. 5/10

3. You gonna learn – Royce has a solid verse with good content. My one issue is it seems like the mixing was off on Royce’s verse. I liked the hook on this, simple sweet and to the point. It’s a good song whenever the background is turned down enough you can hear it. The issue is the background noises are so loud that for a chunk of time you can’t hear what anyone is saying. It’s like how SoundCloud rappers rap – they turn the beat waaaay up because they aren’t confident in their rapping ability, but this is Eminem he should be confident in what he has to say because I want to hear it. The background vocals and sounds should be adding to that not overcrowding/overtaking it I like em verse on this 6/10 would be a 7/10 with better mixing.

4. Alred intro/outro It’s a cool idea, I like Hitchcock and it adds a horror element. 7/10

5. Those kinda nights – I love the hook on this although I wish it was sped up a bit more, the auto tune is the first murderous thing about this album – super good. Eminem said it takes him back to his d12 days, I say it Sounds like a rich mans WTP. It’s like recovery + MMLP2 with a great beat and it seems like a radio hit, it’s super good. My only criticism is Eminem please stop with the sex puns.

6. In too deep – I like the beat but that’s about it. The hook is whiny and sad, the mixing is bad. I don’t like Eminem rapping about women (generally) because he projects someone who has no game 4.5/10

7. Godzilla – Think a rich mans rap god, Eminem is like the Godzilla of the rap game and this track is his laser beam. This track got me hooked on the album 8/10

8. Darkness – I don’t like Eminem talking about social issues because he doesn’t project empathy well (that’s both a strength and weakness of his). Let me be clear that this isn’t about the content of the song IDGAF if he raps about a song from the perspective of a mass shooter I care whether it’s good, and this track is not. I turned it off halfway through 4/10

7. Leaving heaven – Eminem please stop referencing past tracks, it’s like you don’t have the confidence that your new stuff is as good, so you have to call back to past songs that were excellent. Dude you’re Eminem, I want to hear new stuff not old stuff. If I wanted old songs I’d go back and listen to them. The beat is repetitive and the song is generic – 5/10.

7. Yah Yah – The background is just too loud, I was hoping for more when I saw the black thought feature, but I feel underwhelmed and disappointed. The song is a 6/10.

8. Stepdad (Intro) + Stepdad – this a great song, it made me crack up a few times with an excellent message on a good beat 8/10 I love it. Also don’t ever mess with Eminem’s dog.

9. Marsh – generic, bad hook and so forgettable I forgot what I was going to write. 4/10.

10. Never love again – I forgot I was listening to an Eminem album and got distracted picking lint off my clothes 4/10

11. Little engine – a little bit decent, but missing something ironically like an engine to make it go from decent to good 5/10

12. Lock it up – good Anderson paak feature, I love it. honestly I lost hope for the album until this song. It has a good flow and a lot of anticipation. It’s good and I’ll bump it again. 8/10.

13. Fairwell – I said fairwell to this song halfway through, it’s like a poor mans so much better 4.5/10

14. No regrets – I had no regrets having listened to this album, so far it’s been okay. On an unrelated note the song no regrets is fine, 5.5/10

15. will – I want to like this song more than I do, I feel like it should be way better than it is. It seems like the mixing is off, something sounds weird and I’m disappointed. 6/10

Final thoughts: give this a listen, it’s a 6/10 from me. It’s a decent album from one of my favorite rappers of all time. It has a mmlp2 feel to it with kamikaze aggression and recovery style lyrics. I was surprised at the drop, but happy I listened to it.

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