The dog in the room

I was going about my daily life in a small house with a chimney, running around the room as a dog does when I saw with my own eyes my friend, this god-like being, my human has died

There isn’t much in the house, except for me and that man clutching his chest on the ground, he was still and there was not a breath left his mouth

I checked his pulse, licked him and tears of sorrow trickled down my cheek, for this man this companion this great friend had left me for the great beyond alone and afraid and in the hands of fate

When I awoke he still was gone, and yet my stomach growled on and on, I had seen him eating food in the house before but the way to get it wasn’t known

I checked the white rectangle and the brown squares, but did not know how to get the food from there, and had no answer for my stomach when it growled, because this godlike creature, this human had kept me fed until now

During day the house begin to stink, there was nowhere to remove waste except around me, there was no more water and there was no more space for me to lay down in order to sleep,

I was so thirsty and longed for a drop, a droplet of water, and it was summer so It was hot and the air was off

I wake up and think to myself I must get out of this hole, I bark at the door, I try everything I know, but I can’t get it to open

I check the windows even the black box my human uses to talk, but no luck so I despair, if only I knew how to better stay alive, but alas I trampled over to my human on the other side

Published by Chad Thunder Cock

Chad thundercock is an alpha male with big dick energy. He's the coolest guy you'll ever meet.

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