I just invested my one thousandth dollar and here are five things I’ve learned over the last six months

1. Put away half of your paycheck before you even consider spending it – I recall reading rich dad, poor dad and one of the recommendations in the book was to pay yourself first, and I decided to take that to heart. Before every paycheck I’d put 50% of my income away to be invested.

2. Get addicted to watch the number tick up – there is no greater pleasure then being able to say you have $1,000 on hand ready to spend it at a moments notice. It gives me a surge of confidence because I’m in such a grand spot in life compared to where I was just six months ago.

3. High interest savings accounts are Kings, I didn’t factor this in but I have another grand in precious metals, and in order to buy what I wanted to buy I had to have money saved up. There were a few ways to accomplish this – long story short the best way in my opinion is a high interest savings account. It allows you to transfer money quick. What I use is Varo, but I’m not going to advertise on this post.

4. Don’t ever talk about money with people – Most people do not care about your advice on money. I have a net worth of $2,500 and am only 19. They will disregard my opinion every time, even if it’s mathematically correct.

5. Get a credit card ASAP! The cash back is literally free money – the rule I live by with credit is never use credit if you don’t have money in the bank. For example: say you want a gallon of milk for $2, but you have $1 in your bank. Treat the credit card as if you only have $1 on it. Discover is my brand of choice. I had no credit going into this so I had to get a secured credit card, the good news is that I’ll get my $200 deposit back eventually.

Those are my five tips, things that I’ve learned. I’m not a financial expert, so don’t treat me as one. These are just things I do In my everyday life. When I get to $10,000 I’ll make a part 2 to this list.

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